Mastermind Criminal by kalinaenkidiev
Mastermind Criminalby kalina_morrison
I was a mastermind criminal. I had committed a crime and the FBI never even found out the crime happened. They never saw anything suspicious. I left behind no evidence...
  • mystery
  • arrest
  • investgation
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An Account of Seoul Incidents || A BTS Fanfiction by OliveJasper
An Account of Seoul Incidents || OliveJasper
Safira Fannin, apparently bored of her life as an FBI agent, is sent to Seoul because of her talented self to solve a case that seems direct, initially. After meeting a...
  • murders
  • thriller
  • arrest
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The Good Girl's Quest by My_life32
The Good Girl's Questby Cheyenne
[ Sequel to The Bad Boy's Precious ] - First Draft - ••• "Plot twist, huh?" I say softly. Then turn on my heels and slide into my waiting car without another w...
  • friendship
  • love
  • teenfiction
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Shooting Hoops by JessicaCMadden
Shooting Hoopsby Jessica Madden
Logan Hayes has been arrested, and rumours are spreading fast about what happened. Now his whole future is in jeopardy as his chances of getting a basketball scholarship...
  • teen
  • game
  • nanowrimo
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What Goes Around (Bulldogs MC #3) by nicolleshield
What Goes Around (Bulldogs MC #3)by Nicolle Shield
Sequel to Just Keep Running. Lenni has finally found some stability in her life. But just as she begins to settle down, it seems that everyone around her is falling apar...
  • danger
  • motorbike
  • biker
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Find My Way Home (Bulldogs MC #4) by nicolleshield
Find My Way Home (Bulldogs MC #4)by Nicolle Shield
When Lucy left her home in Atlanta, she expected to be lonely and vulnerable, living on the streets as a runaway. She hadn't expected to end up in Arizona and had defini...
  • featured
  • friendship
  • biker
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Make You Believe (Bulldogs MC #1) by nicolleshield
Make You Believe (Bulldogs MC #1)by Nicolle Shield
Stand-alone prequel to 'Just Keep Running', this is Ash and Mel's story. Every time Ash sees Mel, he tries another cheesy pickup line on her. She can't deny that she's a...
  • flirt
  • arrest
  • featured
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The Girl with Green Eyes by Hiccstrid_chaos14
The Girl with Green Eyesby Hiccstrid_chaos14
" You're slowly killing yourself Erin!" He yells slamming his car door as he follows me outside " Don't you think I know that!" I shout back still w...
  • badboys
  • depression
  • anorexic
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The Dawn Of Morphytte Throne by ChroArrow
The Dawn Of Morphytte Throneby Mayu_Kato
Morphytte Throne consisting Four group of Clusters; Morphynian, Warriors, Servers and Ability Keepers. Morphynian was the highest Cluster which consisting of a keeper t...
  • morphynians
  • fantasy
  • morphyttethrone
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Crash by wheadee
Crashby W H I T N E Y
He grew up on the rough streets of Harbor Bay, now forced to live in the wealthy town of Pacific Coast, can sixteen-year-old Cru Sommers survive the temptations of dange...
  • saga
  • coast
  • guilt
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A step by step instruction on how to successfully poison someone. With detailed photographs displaying said steps. In no time, will you successfully kill your rival/fami...
  • going
  • poison
  • someone
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Diary of Anne frank by Tony06202002
Diary of Anne frankby Anthony Bateman
Diary of Anne frank
  • hiding
  • diary
  • nonfiction
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•James McAvoy Imagines/Oneshots • by princesswho93
•James McAvoy Imagines/Oneshots •by Franchy A. Rivera
Imagines and one shots about the amazing and talented and sexy and Scottish James McAvoy ☺
  • arrest
  • mcavoy
  • beautiful
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Grace by Jadekrypton
Graceby Ibiyemi Marvellous
What's the point of pretending we're alright when we aren't? We're only humans, so why can't we face our weaknesses and problems head-on instead of trying hard to appear...
  • mask
  • discrimination
  • pride
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That Night by AmyWentThisWay225
That Nightby Amy Falkai
Amy, Riley and Ruby are starting year 12, but their year will be anything but simple after a terrifying incident in the summer holidays won't stay in the past. One nigh...
  • murder
  • rubyrileyandamy
  • crime
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My 13 protective brothers.  by Gallagher_Girl_20
My 13 protective brothers. by chelsie
I'm Emilia Jasmine Royal. I have 13 big brothers. I live with them and only them. My parents left after I was born. they said they couldn't take it. I'm the only girl in...
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • arrests
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Young and Menace || Peterick [SLOW UPDATES] by alternated_universes
Young and Menace || Peterick [ 🎶 KAY 🎸
Patrick Stump, a lovesick sixteen year old just happens to find himself crushing on the new kid; Pete Wentz. Upon getting to know one another, Patrick begins to realise...
  • deathandlife
  • featured
  • abusivecontent
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Dangerously In Love || Peterick  by alternated_universes
Dangerously In Love || Peterick by 🎶 KAY 🎸
When Pete, a contracted killer, is given his next victim, he can't wait another second. But then his whole world stops. He takes one look in his glistening eyes and ever...
  • falloutboy
  • twentyonepilots
  • killer
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AvNeil SS ~ You Can't Drag Me Down by Srisha45
AvNeil SS ~ You Can't Drag Me Downby Srisha
Proofs for all the crimes are on the table. Handcuffs are ready to brace MLA Vidyut R's hands. Just when he decides to run off.. Chase, kidnapping and some action follow...
  • kidnap
  • obsession
  • shortstory
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Twisted Man ( Harry Styles Rapist Story) by LOVETOWRITE45
Twisted Man ( Harry Styles Nichelle Monét Styles
Harry Styles Is known for being a criminal and is a wanted sex offender, who is known for killing his victims after raping them, he used to be a sweet and nonviolent per...
  • murder
  • mostwanted
  • jail
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