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experiment 626 by kyxgarra21
experiment 626by kyxgarra21
My name is 626, and im a human experiment gone wrong. After the Simian flu broke out and spread across the world killing almost the entire human population, humans were...
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War Technicalities by Mrs_Splinter
War Technicalitiesby Wife_To_A_Master
Caesar x Human!OC. [Warning: violent/graphic content ahead! I personally don't think it's a lot, but you never know, it may be too much for you.] They say "curiosit...
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Rise of an Era by Szarinasumalpong
Rise of an Eraby Szarina R. Sumalpong
"I've lost my family and everything I loved. I don't want to lose this one!" - Kira "It's impossible for a human to understand the ways of an ape!" ...
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The Royal Ape Family by Szarinasumalpong
The Royal Ape Familyby Szarina R. Sumalpong
"Human By Appearance, An Ape At Heart" -Kira A Series of moments in the ten years that passed before Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. How Caesar and Kira's rela...
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New breed by nitro61298
New breedby nitro61298
I've been watching planet of the apes and decided I wanted to write a fanfic so here you go
Heroes by sunsetsoverscars
Heroesby Maycee
Adel had always looked up to the heroes of her favorite TV show, Bleach. The confidence, the fighting, it all seemed so amazing. But when she's mysteriously sucked into...
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Dawn of an Era by Szarinasumalpong
Dawn of an Eraby Szarina R. Sumalpong
Ten years after the liberation of the apes, Kira and her ape family lived peacefully in the Redwood Forest without having any contact with the humans until a young man n...
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Cesar imagines by princessfanfic15
Cesar imaginesby cesar wife
this is Cesar imagines book, about Cesar x reader ( aka you) about sexy ape leader and also you. you can request imagine by messaging me or comment on this book. thank...
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Another One (Tarzan) by DoctorSherlock
Another One (Tarzan)by Bree Cheese
What if Kala had found twin babies that fateful day, when two worlds became one?
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Era of the Apes by Szarinasumalpong
Era of the Apesby Szarina R. Sumalpong
Two years ago I was sent here in this particular movie and ended up rescuing a whole ape tribe all the while gaining their hearts as well as the heart of their leader an...
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War Of An Era by Szarinasumalpong
War Of An Eraby Szarina R. Sumalpong
I can't believe this is happening to me. One minute I was just in the cinema with my family and the next I am risking my life and limbs to stay alive from a war between...
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THE ASC3NDANTS Awakening. (III) ✔[#Wattys2019] by Kutcy123
THE ASC3NDANTS Awakening. (III) ✔[...by Atro Universe
Smarya is a pirate girl whose father is a most wanted pirate and heir to a fictional Sultanate African empire conquered by the English. She has grown up from behind a co...
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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Roleplay  by MightyPenguins4
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Rol...by MightyPenguins4
A roleplay that takes place after the Simian Flu killed most of humanity
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One-Shots of the Planet of the Apes by IntergalacticPancake
One-Shots of the Planet of the Apesby Pancake
This will be a book for little stories that either don't make it into my main Planet of the Apes books, or one-shots that I've suddenly had a lot of muse to do. Some cha...
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Human Or Ape by bleachanimefan
Human Or Apeby bleachanimefan
Follows through Dawn and War. Eventual Blue eyes x OC.
Children of the Woods by Pinkroseutena
Children of the Woodsby Pinkroseutena
3 Children have seen the worst of mankind runaway to escape from them and find a place to call home while in the admist of war, a event causes them to run toward the woo...
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Andy serkis imagine  by princessfanfic15
Andy serkis imagine by cesar wife
this andy serkis imagines book, about andy serkis x reader ( aka you) about sexy and most talented actor in the world and also you. you can request imagine by messaging...
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My First Friend (Caesar Story) by SisterPrime4Autobots
My First Friend (Caesar Story)by Zara Prime
Lizzie was only two years old when she and her parents adopted Caesar. He was about 2 to 4 years when he was adopted and Lizzie never treated him like a pet, but a best...
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Lost memory  by princessfanfic15
Lost memory by cesar wife
Meet Alva, Cesar mate and village Shepard, She is deeply in love with Cesar. She used to live in city but when the outbreak, she came to the woods and one day. She finds...
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