Little Bird by marissa-lynn
Little Birdby Marissa
"It's much harder to stay hidden from the Dark Lord when you're in love with a Death Eater." Evelyn Hawkings' parents were well-known Death Eaters, but they di...
  • malfoy
  • hogwarts
  • harry
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The Day We Met Was The Day I Fell For You ♥Tom Felton♥ by MyNarnia27
The Day We Met Was The Day I Fell...by Bethany Taylor
Cassie had her normal life flipped upside down one day at a theme park where her and her two friends ran into three Harry Potter Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, a...
  • draco
  • radcliffe
  • tom
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Bad Things (COMPLETED) by theunreadyking
Bad Things (COMPLETED)by Marjo Jojo
Tom Felton broke Emma Watson's heart, and everyone knows it. From then on, she wanted to be far from Tom as much as possible. But a shocking turn of events happened that...
  • romance
  • dracomalfoy
  • babies
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tom felton xreaders imagine [REQUESTS OPEN] by gnarlyhoestan
tom felton xreaders imagine [REQUE...by NO ONE CARES
Look at the title.
  • garyashby
  • felton
  • mtthewgray
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დარჩი ჩემთან | Stay With Me by DramioneLover25
დარჩი ჩემთან | Stay With Meby DramioneLover25
მოთხრობა ეძღვნება პოტერჰედებს კერძოდ დრამიონის ფანებს. შესაძლებელია რომ ორმა მტერმა ჰერმიონ გრეინჯერმა და დრაკო მალფოიმ საერთო ენა გამონახოს და ერთმანეთი შეიყვაროს? საკმ...
  • felton
  • სასიყვარულო
  • დრაკოდაჰერმიონი
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Draco Malfoy Oneshots by StrangerWitchAuthor
Draco Malfoy Oneshotsby ~m a l l o r y~
Draco Malfoy Oneshots/Imagines from my Tumblr, fantasticwritingandwheretoreadit! (Link in bio) All written by me.
  • draco
  • hermione
  • fanfiction
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tom felton imagines  by sunfIxwers
tom felton imagines by sunfIxwers
imagines based on the cutest little dork in the world, tom felton
  • wattys2018
  • draco
  • love
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Dramione One-Shots ✔ by UnknownDramione4life
Dramione One-Shots ✔by Kelley
Just a few one shots about Dramione, (Draco and Hermione) -Kelley
  • hogwarts
  • granger
  • guys
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Clandestine [Draco Malfoy] by lexxfelton
Clandestine [Draco Malfoy]by Nyx
WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS SWEAR WORDS AND SEXUAL CONTENT, RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 16+ Clandestine Is an adjective that means kept secret or done secretively, especially...
  • fan
  • dlm
  • fiction
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Feltson ~You Don't Know How Much I Love You~ by slytherinxfangirl
Feltson ~You Don't Know How Much I...by Amanda
Emma and Tom haven't spoke in years. Will an upcoming movie role change all of that? This story takes you through starlet Emma Watsons and heart throb Tom Feltons growin...
  • tom
  • beautyandthebeast
  • emmawatson
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Run Away, Far Away (A Dramione Fan Fiction) by The_Shadow_Chaser
Run Away, Far Away (A Dramione Fan...by erica miranda
I remember years ago, someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love. I did. Falling out of love is hard. Falling for betrayal is worse. Broken trust and br...
  • ron
  • dramione
  • harry
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Im In Love With A Delinquent by enc82106
Im In Love With A Delinquentby GoodVibes4Ever
(Tom Felton Fanfic) Blake Griffins has always been a bad kid. 5 years old she stole candy. 10 years old she stole a car. When she turned 14 she was arrested for vandalis...
  • delinquent
  • juvie
  • tomfelton
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Underage - Tom Felton by marie_hemmings1
Underage - Tom Feltonby Yujin seo
"Oh. I'm so sorry sir I'll help you clean that up." The quiet girl said. "No that's fine it looks like you need to get to school young lady." The tal...
  • underage
  • tom
  • schoolgirl
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Wanted || Erich Blunt x reader by -LonelyGhosts-
Wanted || Erich Blunt x readerby .:Multifandom:.
IMPORTANT: In this story Erich is innocent. so I changed some things in the story but it's mostly the same. Also this story will contain adult content. - Since the start...
  • erichblunt
  • felton
  • tom
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You Belong With Me (A Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe Love Triangle) by built-for-sin
You Belong With Me (A Tom Felton a...by built-for-sin
"Why can't you see you belong with me?" A love triangle between Tom Felton, Daniel Radcliffe, and a girl named Abbie Parker. I posted this story on another sit...
  • tom
  • emmawatson
  • radcliffe
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Paradise by Heaven1Leigh
Paradiseby Heaven Leigh
What if Harry had a sister. What if she was his twin. What if she encountered with Voldemort too and got the same scars. What if she went to Hogwarts also with Harry on...
  • fred
  • oliver
  • weasley
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Osud dívky ze Zmijozelu by Torin-chan
Osud dívky ze Zmijozeluby Torin-chan
Isabella je dívka, která pochází z velmi složité rodiny. Celý život se jí změní po tom, co dostane dopis z Bradavic. Ani ona sama nevěděla jak moc jí pobyt ve Škole Čar...
  • dracomalfoy
  • kiss
  • lovexhate
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A crazy love story. by Bouk-Lewis
A crazy love story.by
Hi, I'm Matthew Lewis. I have a great time during filming the last Harry Potter movie. I have a great life. I have everything what I need and live with nice people and h...
  • felton
  • matthew
  • boyxboy
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Road Trip (Feltson FanFic) ✔️ by g-o-t-a-m
Road Trip (Feltson FanFic) ✔️by goddess-of-time-and-magic
Daniel and Rupert decide to help out their friends by inviting Emma and Tom on a road trip. Will Dan and Rupert's plan succeed or will Emma and Tom fall more apart? &l...
  • danielradcliffe
  • grint
  • emmawatson
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He Had No Choice.  by WolfHARD_Goddest
He Had No Choice. by Q
Hayden Potter and her twin brother Harry Potter. The twins who Lived from a death curse that Voldemort casted on them, attended a school that changed their lives. Especi...
  • dracomalfoy
  • lovestory
  • love
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