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Verena // Alec. Lightwood [1] by mya_rxse
Verena // Alec. Lightwood [1]by M.N
VERENA // to fear, to respect Soulmates were something Alec Lightwood didn't trust or necessarily believe In. But when he saw Verena Fray, he soon believed in them. She...
Power and Fire by heryouth
Power and Fireby Joana 💫
Jason is the Future Alpha King, he's waiting to turn 18 so he can finally step on the throne. However a sudden attack at the castle makes him become the King of the Wer...
Three Mates by Myth_Aphrodite
Three Matesby Myth_Aphrodite
Angels- exactly how they sound angelic, light, and beautiful. Werewolves- possessive, tempermental, and passionate. Vampires- cool, intelligent, calm and collected. Sup...
Lucifer's Mate(COMPLETED) by GhostWriting18
Lucifer's Mate(COMPLETED)by GhostWriting18
Scarlett isn't just some girl. She's HIS girl. She's also funny,goofy,shy and intelligent all in one. She's an only child and her parents are never really home.She live...
His Dead Mate by MommaShifter
His Dead Mateby Austin Kalin
Drunk driving is a big problem in the world. One wrong decision can possibly end someone's life. That's what happened to Kasey Walker. She and her two younger siblings w...
Seven Deadly Sin's The Sin of Gaming.  by JamesHall137
Seven Deadly Sin's The Sin of James Hall
A boy dies but gets reincarnated in to the world of the seven deadly sins
Fire & Feather by arielklontz
Fire & Featherby Ariel Klontz
When Nova Nightingale sets out to find her missing sister in her small town, she isn't expecting to uncover dangerous supernatural secrets that challenge her understandi...
Highschool DxD: The Demon God  by Vaeosu
Highschool DxD: The Demon God by QAQ
Just his name is capable of causing deadly trepidation throughout every being, strong or weak. Who is he?? HE is the Demon God that caused chaos throughout the fraction...
Deals with the Devil by SAlexander99
Deals with the Devilby S. Alexander
{Complete + EDITING} What happens when your parents make a deal with the Devil that you have no say in? What happens when the Devil decides to take you as payment? Willo...
Highschool DxD:What The Heart Can't Let Go Of (Reboot)  by TheAceOfRoses
Highschool DxD:What The Heart Can' TheAceOfRoses
As the fight at the church is about to end with Rias going to kill Raynare she gives her last try at making Issei save her. it works differently from what she tought, it...
SMUTS | Jaden Hossler  by jxdnxx
SMUTS | Jaden Hossler by Simping over Jaden
Just SMUTS with Jaden😏 ⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️
PURE ⇉ KOL MIKAELSON by mikael-son
PURE ⇉ KOL MIKAELSONby ˗ˏˋannie-mayˎˊ˗
❝ I WAS HIS PURITY ❞ in which angelina knight finds out she is an angel and becomes valuable to the mikaelson family cover by @mikaelstats [THE ORIGINALS] [THE VAMPIRE D...
The Angel (Natasha Romanoff Story) by marvel_orion
The Angel (Natasha Romanoff Story)by VILLAIN MAKKRO
Sophia is one of God's Archangel. When God tasked her to bring Lucifer back to rule hell she gladly descended on earth. But when she saw Lucifer in love with a mortal sh...
Rimuru in DxD [Book 2] by alexkuhar360
Rimuru in DxD [Book 2]by Alex
After finally escaping the world of Akame Ga Kill Rimuru ends up in a world with much more powerful beings than he previously was in, after his last evolution Rimuru wil...
The King Of All (On Hold) by Hasiri_u
The King Of All (On Hold)by Hasiri_u
Mareo Gremory is not loved by his family and never was. He ran away from his family and created his own peerage, but it is not an ordernary peerage. I don't own Highscho...
The Girl Who Was "Insane" {SPN} by Snowkat2003
The Girl Who Was "Insane" {SPN}by Snow & Kat
"I was put in here because they thought I was insane, but I'm not. I might hear voices in my head, but that doesn't mean I'm crazy. This supernatural stuff you keep...
The Six Fallen by Crunchy_DrugZ
The Six Fallenby 🛹🚬🔗
In the world where anything is possible, and the supernatural were real there was a girl that knew nothing of this sort. She was hidden, from the world of Werewolves, Va...
Felix Gremory, Azeure-Haired Prince of Creation [SLOW UPDATE] by FanficWriter130603
Felix Gremory, Azeure-Haired FanficWriter130603
Felix was the neglected child of the Gremory Family, not that he minded being neglected as it allowed him to go about doing his own things. After doing numerous experime...
The Devil's Soul  by socialrejext
The Devil's Soul by socialrejext
The war between the angels and the demons has been going on for as long as either could remember. A peace treaty is finally signed between the two. The angels get peace...