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The Detective's Prodigy 🔎 by FizzyZY
The Detective's Prodigy 🔎by FizzyZY
Izuku Shimura-Midoriya, a 14 year old boy, has a certain skill- and quirk, that shines bright off of him in the eyes of a certain detective. Though being rejected by hi...
THE WITNESS {YIZHAN} (COMPLETED ✅✅) by ailovexiaowang
The murder committed by a mysterious killer in the downtown areas in Beijing. An investigator from a police department fights to solve it with the help from a witness wh...
The Analysis Hero: Deku by mdndndmfmf
The Analysis Hero: Dekuby mdndndmfmf
In a world where 80% of the world's population has amazing super powers named quirks and 20% being quirk-less, but what happens to the majority who have villainous and w...
Kamen Rider Gotchard Reviews by SalexanderWorkshop
Kamen Rider Gotchard Reviewsby SalexanderWorkshop
Reviews about the new Kamen Rider season, Gotchard! I hope you all check them out. Gonna being writing my own thoughts and analysis for the episodes going forward to bui...
Energy Overload // A Vigilante Deku AU // BKDK by shutiitt_real
Energy Overload // A Vigilante An Idiot (No Longer An Insomn...
Midoriya Izuku has always seen the world differently from the others. While he could see numbers and facts, others only saw the outermost layer of things. It bored him...
The Encyclopedia of Zayn and Liam by thegayenaz
The Encyclopedia of Zayn and Liamby Gaye ❄
I want to share the posts on Tumblr which are Ziam analyses, proofs and theories. I hope you like it :) x As I said, they don't belong to me, I find them on Tumblr. my i...
Bucket List Books by TheAmbiguousOne
Bucket List Booksby TheAmbiguousOne
Books that are written so perfectly they have that special element that keeps you addicted, and when something good is addictive then it must be on your Bucket List.
All Wonderful Moments by JappaSatya
All Wonderful Momentsby JappaSatya
This is a fun book that analyses, discusses and highlights some of the best moments from the hit Indian Television show 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?' (What Do I Name Thi...
Haylor- What Really Happened by HazzaForGucci
Haylor- What Really Happenedby Styles94
My take on Harry and Taylor's relationship and breakup, through analysis of their albums and general knowledge and interviews,their personalities, etc. I cannot emphasis...
.Finally a Mother. by empren23
.Finally a empren23
The story of SSA Emily Prentiss and her foster daughter, Eva. ***** Trigger warnings before each chapter***** I do not own Criminal Minds or their characters. Only my...
S.A.M.S / Sun and Moon Show book by yourfriendshark
S.A.M.S / Sun and Moon Show bookby Noor :D
Just a book about the Sun and Moon Show, their fandom, maybe some head-canons and rating some ships, idk honestly but i am gonna find out i guess :D (Also I don't have a...
🌸SasuSaku Analysis🌸 by SasuSakuComm
🌸SasuSaku Analysis🌸by SasuSaku Community
In which we write to you our analysis about anything SasuSaku.
Original Characters Of Mine by Blue101Art
Original Characters Of Mineby Blue101Art
Where I gather all the stories made to discuss, make commentary on certain chapters, show trailers, analysis, and reflect on my growth as an author and writer throughout...
Nagito Komaeda Character Analysis by frecklyflamingo123
Nagito Komaeda Character Analysisby Flams.Delli
So it's clear from the title that this is an analysis
Keeper of the Lost Cities Analyses and Random Thoughts by TheEssayElf
Keeper of the Lost Cities TheEssayElf
Just some food for thought, when I feel productive enough to write stuff.
who is larry stylinson?  by blushylouis
who is larry stylinson? by caitlin 。:.゚ஐ⋆*
this book was made to introduce larry to any new shippers, or bring a smile to current larries' faces. it contains evidence, iconic moments, and attached analysis videos...
The KOTLC ANALYSIS Project by KeeperSquadWrites
The KOTLC ANALYSIS Projectby 《 The Keeper Squad 》
A fun deep-dive into everything Keeper of the Lost Cities! This book is basically the Unofficial KotLC Encyclopedia! Presented by a obsessed fan, who reread all of the b...
Bigg Boss 13 - An Analysis feat. Sidnaaz by adelenasbit
Bigg Boss 13 - An Analysis feat. adelenasbit
Hi guys! Welcome to my writings! I learned about Sidnaaz after Sidharth's heartbreaking death, and felt instantly connected to him, Sana, and their story. My connection...
Rocky Horror Picture Show theories (complete) by music-theory
Rocky Horror Picture Show music theory
I put most songs in the Rocky Horror Picture Show under the microscope for us to understand the intent of Richard O'Brien.
Taekook MM Analysis by BizcuitBear9597
Taekook MM Analysisby BizcuitBear
Taekook's not a ship....but true love Taekook's world is our world. Welcome from Taekook Galaxy💜. Love is mutual? No Love is Taekook!