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Three Words, I Love You ✔️ by _xXUnicornSlayerXx_
Three Words, I Love You ✔️by 𝚖𝚞𝚜𝚑𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚖
Adaline Wolk is very easy to get along with. She's kind, funny, goofy... maybe a little awkward here and there. She's got a heart bigger than her body. Once she warms u...
Coffee Shop (Camila/You) by camrenkordied
Coffee Shop (Camila/You)by not maddie
Based on the one shot/Imagine, Coffee Shop (G!P) In which Camila starts working in a nearby coffee shop on the Portland State University campus. She's a freshman in coll...
Taming Scar (Lesbian Story) by loveanoutcast
Taming Scar (Lesbian Story)by V
Scar skär/ noun a mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely. April Morningstar. Better known as Scar. S...
YOURS TRULY by jasleenthakker
Macy is a smart and captivating girl who has a satisfactory corporate job and a gay best friend to help her get through life. But what will happen when she unexpectedly...
The Goonies// Brand Walsh by Malyndah
The Goonies// Brand Walshby 𝐦j
A group of friends who call themselves "The Goonies" find a treasure map which leads to millions of dollars that are worth of gold which could be enough to sav...
Goonies: Mouth x reader (Mikey and Brand's Sister) by vickysksksk
Goonies: Mouth x reader (Mikey and...by vickysksksk
This is a Mouth x reader that takes place after the first movie. I do not own any of the Goonies material. I've exaggerated some character's personalities (*cough cough*...
▍No Ordinary Summer - Dipper X Reader X Bill ▐   ✔ by chivlahou
▍No Ordinary Summer - Dipper X Rea...by Chi
.。*゚+.*.。   ゚+..。*゚+ One summer in Gravity Falls and your life changed. All because of meeting Dipper, Mabel and Bill. Go through lots of adventures and meet series of a...
the Birthday Wish by cedar_and_sage
the Birthday Wishby Cedar and Sage
For Nicole's 37th birthday, she wishes for something amazing to happen and when her birthday arrives, her dream comes true.
These Things That We've Done (Kellin Quinn) {Book 2} by epiconfire
These Things That We've Done (Kell...by epiconfire
Sequel to This Time I'll Hang, Close the Door. Summer Quinn has been through a lot. There's been secrets, lies, changes, and promises. Finally some good events are taki...
Lavender Scent by Aditi_Writez
Lavender Scentby AdiWritez
Life in the pandemic is tough, no parties, no trips around the world, its BORING! But that doesn't stop two people finding love for one another.... from just a perfume b...
middle of nowhere • jack avery by cassettes
middle of nowhere • jack averyby 𝐉𝐔𝐋
Welcome to Redwood, Oregon. 54 kilometers from the city of Calhoun, population 286. This small, quiet town is home to beautiful waterfalls, quaint cafes, enchanting phen...
under the moonlight by thesimonacosta
under the moonlightby Simon Acosta
"I stare up at the tall trees. It's a different sight than I am used to, but it is far more beautiful. Nevada was never this beautiful. I'm still not sure about the...
Identify Normal | Stand By Me by Crimsonsky132
Identify Normal | Stand By Meby Crimson
Rewritten and COMPLETED Stand By Me Fic. She was the first good for nothing Chamber's kid. When she leaves, how will her friend, John, react? Seven years later she fina...
Life Is Strange: Visions by BlueButterflyAP
Life Is Strange: Visionsby BlueButterflyAP
Max Caulfield has had a strange few months. She discovered she had time rewind powers, solved the disappearance of a missing teenage girl, and saved her best friend Chlo...
I'm in Love with a Killer Clown. by NinaNewberry
I'm in Love with a Killer Clown.by Nina Marie
Jamie, sweet, innocent, shy, and a nobody. It doesn't take long for the first wave of the clowns to show up in her small town. She has heard and seen it in the news, but...
A Prairie Rose by LegendaryPenName
A Prairie Roseby LegendaryPenName
Is it possible for one little girl to survive against all odds? Nobody said that pioneer life would be easy- but Rose never could have guessed how difficult it would tru...
Against the world - Caiti by uhrudolph
Against the world - Caitiby ! skylar
[FINISHED] "Me and you against the world y/n" ------------------------------------------ when a simple bedwars match and exchanging discords turns into somethi...
Poly Lesbian Life by snugglepuppy78
Poly Lesbian Lifeby baby
I am a poly lesbian and will be writing this book about stuff and if you wanna join dm me!
MY MINX, JustaMinx by gracieelizakin
MY MINX, JustaMinxby sexysimp
• living with a famous streamer/gamer that's also your annoying twin brother is kinda hard; you figured that out when you barged in with a bloody nose, screaming bloody...
Reverse Falls (Gravity Falls AU) by minecraftdarling
Reverse Falls (Gravity Falls AU)by minecraftdarling
Pacifica Southeast has came to her Great Uncle's tourist trap for the summer along with her cousin, Gideon Gleeful. Soon, it becomes clear Gravity Falls is no ordinary t...