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moods / phan by phanci
moods / phanby :phanci
in a world where your moods are visible above your head, displayed through pictures and icons, it's impossible to hide your true feelings. however dan howell seems to be...
Boys Your Age by imsh00k
Boys Your Ageby a communist tit
"What if I was gay?" "I'd fuck you." //Phan
Hawk and Dove by gingerslinging
Hawk and Doveby emma
Phan AU. In a world where super powers plague people all over the world, Dan Howell fights to keep his emotions and pyrokinesis under control. After years of success, Da...
The Disguise - memeulous x reader by nerdwithaheart
The Disguise - memeulous x readerby nerdwithaheart
Will takes a different friend to your favourite coffee shop. What will you do about it? Standard George falls inlove with you. Slow burn/Story driven No self harm/suicid...
snapchat//phan by rickyblitzz
snapchat//phanby (c)ow
[completed] philly: who's this? danhowell: your future husband ; copyright © 2016 //highest ranking: #4
Entanglement  by lattelester
Entanglement by vas (inactive)
in which a demon named dan accidentally falls in love with an angel named phil. {phan au} highest ranking- #27 in danisnotonfire
Phan Oneshots by brianaisnotamazing
Phan Oneshotsby briana
Oh my god. You will feel attacked by all the fluff in this. Don't read this if you easily feel violated when it comes to cheesiness. This is cavity giving fluff. Just...
sweetheart by sogory
sweetheartby stef
[phan] in which dan and phil are best friends, high schoolers and idiots. texting fic | copyright © 2018 |
Killer | Phan by phandabbydozi
Killer | Phanby >ㅇ<
Today I could have sworn he saw me... but he didn't do anything. Just simply shook his head like he was judging my life and then turned over in his bed. I'll go back tom...
please don't break my heart // phan by rickyblitzz
please don't break my heart // phanby (c)ow
[complete] dhizzle : can i call u mine? amazingphil : ugh ; 2009!phan ; copyright © 2018
*Book One* Slave Boy (Phan) by twinklingphan
*Book One* Slave Boy (Phan)by Cheyenne
Phil sighs and looks at his hands. "Dan," he says, "I don't hate you. I just despise everyone like you." "Like me?" Dan wonders. "Yes...
the broken  by 2009dan
the broken by ✰
the air smells like the promise of tomorrow and nothing has ever smelled more terrifying
TAKEN by danandphilsupreme
TAKENby danandphilsupreme
What would you do if you were kidnapped in the middle of the night? What would you do if you were kidnapped by four boys your age? What would you do if you started falli...
Phan smut (HARDCORE AND VERY DETAILED) by smittensivan
Phan smut (HARDCORE AND VERY smittensivan
This is phan smut, warning: Will be very detailed and I REGRET NOTHING Read if you dare.
Starve // Phan  by ScintillatingSpace
Starve // Phan by g o n e
~just starve and lie; give it a try~ dan's POV || lowercase intended |mentions of eating disorders and harmful thoughts|
ttyl ∆ phan by -beomgyucutie
ttyl ∆ phanby m.
da(m)n: hey babe (; ph!l: um ph!l: new phone who dis? +×+ or the one with your average cliche/meme-y kik/text phanfic that every accout has
HOW TO SAVE A LIFE//PHAN by chanbaekflower
HOW TO SAVE A LIFE//PHANby chanbaekflower
☆MOONCHILD☆: I need help. Everything is fucked up right now. I can't do this anymore |MESSAGE UNDELIVERED| ☆MOONCHILD☆: I want to die. |MESSAGE U...
addiction ✎ phan by yayyphan
addiction ✎ phanby メアリー
[COMPLETED] when dan buys cigarettes to a store who has a cute shop assistant
DO RE MI | PHAN by foreverhome-
phan // in which two boys who are definitely toxic for each other decide to not care
Ironic Love (Dan Howell X Reader) by meganvictoria01
Ironic Love (Dan Howell X Reader)by Megan 🤘🤘
You are just a regular girl, hoping to rise to YouTube Stardom. But when Danisnotonfire offers to give you editing tips, will you embrace the opportunity or run.