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The Structural Silence *COMPLETE* (Book 1 of The Transition of Pinn) by HeatherJacobs123
The Structural Silence *COMPLETE* Heather Jacobs
"Not all women are successful in adapting to Pinn" The handsome man narrowed his eyes at the woman in the back "It saddens me to think of what happens to...
The Aliens Pet by -DyslexicTwat-
The Aliens Petby DyslexicTwat
What happens when a boy with anxiety gets abducted by aliens? Read 'The Aliens Pet' to find out *a human pet story*
In space: Home Away  by lunerloverrrrr
In space: Home Away by Ari.A
3 girls went camping. What's the worst that could happen?. "Guys, you might wanna look at this." "Holy hell, is that Uranus?" *** an adventure of...
Caught and Released by Samseahorse8
Caught and Releasedby Sam
Daniel gets abducted and then rescued. AKA I needed a fluffy abduction story so I wrote a fluffy abduction story! Feel free to comment! I would love to know what you guy...
Astraltation Supreme by Astrapleiasfantasta
Astraltation Supremeby Memelord514
This story leads us in time before time, world out of the world, but still in the world. Prepare yourself, cause maybe, just maybe, you are the one to begin the mass dis...
An Alien Pet! (Inspired By @pepperisawriter)  by Sunnyshinesans
An Alien Pet! (Inspired By Puppydragon6
This is heavily inspired by @pepperisawriter but it's my own original characters and species but if @pepperisawriter has an issue with it I will take it down! If you see...
The Terran Enclave - Klithian Chronicle 1 #Wattys 2016 by maxd01
The Terran Enclave - Klithian Mad Max
This is the second series based on my Folician Chronicles stories. There are six books and one stand alone in that series. If you want to know what is going on you mig...
Cosmic Love (Mikannie) by Breaker_of_Chains
Cosmic Love (Mikannie)by eren dark'ness dementia raven...
Mikasa doesn't want to believe. She doesn't want to believe that her brother was abducted by aliens. She doesn't want to believe that she likes girls. She doesn't want t...
Lost And Found by SammyDBunce
Lost And Foundby Samantha bunce
"Ever have one of those days where your whole world flips upside down?" I ask him, trying to explain without sounding crazy. "Yeah why?" this time he...
Who We Become (Power Rangers Ninja Steel) by browhal1
Who We Become (Power Rangers browhal1
Destiny is a funny thing. The promise of future events- though not always how one would expect. Brothers Brody and Aiden Romero didn't know they were destined to be powe...
Planets of the Universe by xxxTheKinklesxx
Planets of the Universeby xxx The Kinkles xx
Young Stevie goes on a life changing adventure.
Space Bound Skald by 4eheretic
Space Bound Skaldby 4eheretic
Set in the Jenkinsverse, though by no means canon or consistent with the ongoing stories. Furthermore, the chapters are going to be grossly inconsistent in length, and...
Abducted: Choose Your Own Adventure by amcgr5
Abducted: Choose Your Own Adventureby Carpiem
You are abducted by aliens and are being held hostage on their spaceship. The only way to get back to Earth is to find an escape pod and get away. The issue is being fas...
Abducted Love: Return to the depths by webbiegail
Abducted Love: Return to the depthsby webbiegail
The second installment of Abducted Love is here. Return to the newly built underwater colony with Darley and Rebi. As told by : Juniper Nash, a 27 year old sonar operat...
StarStruck by NormalIsUnnormal
StarStruckby Writing
It has been weeks since the last Zarkon attack, and things have slowly started to settled with the Voltron crew, and even though the peace is nice, it is also suspicious...
Penalty for My Friends' Death by Canon-Did-Us-Dirty
Penalty for My Friends' Deathby Mason [Nea/Allen Kinnie]
Based off an idea I had while playing the Sims 4 WARNING: this story has detailed description of deaths. Please read this warning before reading the story and think befo...
Space orcs of the Universe by Dragonfan20
Space orcs of the Universeby Dragonfan20
Inspired by Tumblr. Read to see poor aliens being confused at the Humans animalistic behaviour.
Sally Acorn: Queen of The Black Arms  by AnimeDarkWerehog23
Sally Acorn: Queen of The Black SlayerMaya175
Sally had recently broken up with her former hero ex-boyfriend Sonic because of a disagreement and she starts rethinking her life after she ran off from the party. But w...
Viz'en by katieneptune
Viz'enby Author Katie Neptune
Betrayed and caged for illegal blood experiments, Viz'en Kah vows he'll exact his revenge, if not on the male who is torturing him, then at least on the mad scientist's...
Life of an Abducted Cow by NeonSunnelight
Life of an Abducted Cowby NeonSunnelight
This is a short story about Wilco, my cow that has been abducted several times by aliens.