Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them (Winner Watty Award 2014) by BrittanieCharmintine
Mermaids and the Vampires Who Britt
"Everyone knows mermaid blood is like vampire crack ..." Right before her senior year, mermaid Waverly Marie Fishwater's parents inform her they're moving to t...
  • romance
  • fairy
  • love
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Ebony Dream. (an Mlp Fan Fiction) by mlp_flurry_fan
Ebony Dream. (an Mlp Fan Fiction)by mlp_flurry_fan
(COMPLETED) Ebony Dream is Princess Luna's daughter, and also an alicorn (which makes her an alicorn princess), but Ebony was born a few years before Nightmare Moon was...
  • alicorn
  • mlpoc
  • princessluna
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Inazuma Eleven Go: Alicorn!! (Tsurugi Kyousuke X OC) by StarsightGalaxy
Inazuma Eleven Go: Alicorn!! ( _aruen
2 years later, Earth Eleven takes the challenge; to win the First Ever Grand Celesta Galaxy Cup. 6 Opponents to battle to, each planet leveled up their abilities in socc...
  • alicorn
  • shindou
  • love
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Art Book (requests open) by Princess_Clarity
Art Book (requests open)by FireFly
Art Book
  • mlp
  • pegasus
  • ships
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MLP A New Princess by Sparrowolf
MLP A New Princessby Samantha Sparrow
A mlp fanfic. If you don't like fanfic, then don't read it.
  • death
  • mylittleponyfanfic
  • alicorn
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The Lost Alicorn: A My Little Pony Fanfiction by Extreme_Fangirl16
The Lost Alicorn: A My Little Extreme_Fangirl16
This is the story of the third Alicorn sister, and the mystery shrouding her past, as well as her future. (This is a My Little Pony fanfiction placed after Twilight's Ki...
  • mylittlepony
  • harmonia
  • alicorn
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Fitzphie After Flashback by dogartflower
Fitzphie After Flashbackby dogartflower
Unmatchable.... Let's see how to spin it.
  • flashback
  • messenger
  • keefe
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Love Conquers All // Book I //  A Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle Story by TwilightSparkliz
Love Conquers All // Book I // Elizabeth Michelle Hawkins
There is the bright and beautiful Twilight Sparkle who wants travel to the Crystal Empire for two weeks of Hearth's Warming to visit Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, and...
  • hearthswarming
  • winter
  • princesstwilightsparkle
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kotlc the little things  by akballerinagirl
kotlc the little things by akballerinagirl
Sophie invites all her friends over for a sleepover. When the parents what to join them with there true or dare game thing go crazy and the parent get...... and a battle...
  • alicorn
  • tam
  • battle
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Naruto the Prince of Death  by PinkiePieParty122894
Naruto the Prince of Death by PinkiePieParty122894
Naruto is the twin brother of Luna and was banished by Celestia and Luna when he became corrupted but after the mane six uses the elements of harmony they free Naruto no...
  • crossover
  • alicorn
  • naruto
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MLP OCS & PAIRINGS by DragonMoonGoddess
MLP OCS & PAIRINGSby DragonMoonGoddess
"Hello, Human Readers!! "My Name Is Hacker!!" "The Inner Pony Of My Creator!! "And I'll Be Taking Over This Book!!" "I Guess You Can S...
  • family
  • mylittlepony
  • unicorn
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The Dragon Hunter's Daughter [COMPLETED] by sborek
The Dragon Hunter's Daughter [ sborek
Liona is the only one left in her family without a winged unicorn. They continuously leave her to hunt the terrible dragons, while she stays home to complete the chores...
  • lady
  • hunter
  • daughter
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Love Conquers All //Book II// by TwilightSparkliz
Love Conquers All //Book II//by Elizabeth Michelle Hawkins
After twenty or more years after the departure to Flash Sentry's mission, the alicorn princess, Twilight Sparkle waited for her love for twenty years and expecting him t...
  • sadness
  • twilightsparkle
  • mlp
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*✧AuraMyth✧* by dragonfire13122
*✧AuraMyth✧*by DragonAiFyre
OK SOOOOOO I'm not good at writing soooo oh welllll
  • alicorn
  • fox
  • werewolf
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Daughter of the Alicorns 2: Princess of Harmony by NrussMLP
Daughter of the Alicorns 2: Midnight Void
This is the sequel to daughter of the alicorns! Snow diamond Is in a strange new world with three meanies out to get her! Can she learn enough to defeat them?
  • alicorns
  • equestria
  • princess
Dawnsong is the new leader of a herd of duds in One Herd she's sworn to protect them with her own life, but when rebel Alicorns come and snatch dud foals from One Herd D...
  • unicorns
  • horses
  • alicorns
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The Missing Alicorn by Isabella_Mystery101
The Missing Alicornby Isabella_Mystery
This Alicorn Was Kept Hidden From The World. Growing Up She Was Never Taught The Words They Use Only The Spells Almost Nopony Can Do. She Was Rarely Went Out To The Farm...
  • alicorn
  • mlp
  • mylittlepony
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The Daughter Of Night And darkness [Complete] by ElizaNicoleWinters
The Daughter Of Night And NicoleWinters
Will Luna and Sombra get their happily ever after In Nighttopia, Or will the secret ruin Luna's life? What will happen when Luna finds out she's gonna have a child. How...
  • equestria
  • mlp
  • canterlot
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Alicorn Adventures by amberiscool333
Alicorn Adventuresby ♡Raven♡
Sapphire the Alicorn takes Claire and Rose on many strange and wonderful adventures through her homeland, Eternifrey. Together with Rose's brother Oliver, the three teen...
  • wizard
  • merman
  • witch
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Daughter of an alicorn (fan fic) by Princess-Twilight
Daughter of an alicorn (fan fic)by Twilight Sparkle
Luna gets pregnant and has a foal Celestia was ts her to give up her foal up I her dream". Is it true? How will the foal grow up? (A my little pony fan fiction) boo...
  • secrets
  • magic
  • alicorn
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