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Button mash and sweetie belle by eeveeinheat
Button mash and sweetie belleby Marshall the Toxic Asshole
Another mlp romance story button mash and sweetie belle the SweetieMash chronicles a long story.... I dont own mlp
  • longstory
  • buttonmash
  • cmcs
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MLP X Reader by spicastar2002
MLP X Readerby Mèakö Mèakö
You are in Canterlot with Spike, a letter came from Princess Celestia and it said, "My star student Y/N, you will be in Ponyville to meet new friends" and you...
  • princesscelestia
  • scootalo
  • xreader
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I Really Hate To Love You. (Appletiara) by DusAei
I Really Hate To Love You. ( Inta Dam
Applebloom, Scootaloo y Sweetie Belle. Three friends that are going to start highschool. New experiences, new adventures, and a lot of secrets. But this won't separate t...
  • diamondtiara
  • applebloom
  • girlxgirl
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Fall Apart by ShimmerShy
Fall Apartby Shimmer Shy
Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo don't admit to being Anon-a-miss, leaving the truth untold and all blame on Sunset. Feeling as though she's no longer wanted in...
  • mlp
  • mylittlepony
  • applebloom
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In Love with the Girl I Hate (Appletiara) by ohmyrarity
In Love with the Girl I Hate ( — Bri ♡
Apple Bloom is just a regular country girl with best friends; Scootalo and Sweetie Belle. Apple Bloom is turning into a freshmen, so are her best friends! But Apple Bloo...
  • diamondtiara
  • mlpfanfic
  • applebloom
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Equestria Girls: Chatroom by Jackierulez711
Equestria Girls: Chatroomby QJ
All these girls have fights, hangouts, do pranks but they still love each other
  • starlightglimmer
  • sweetiebelle
  • chatroom
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Love, Loath & Longswords by Partyboom4
Love, Loath & Longswordsby Partyboom4
Temporary Cover By: 1SpoonfulOfSuga (Go check them out on DeviantArt) Love can be the thing of dreams but also the very essence of a nightmare, when these two young teen...
  • sunlightpie
  • appletiara
  • rarijack
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Her Emerald Eyes by _Nano_Rules_
Her Emerald Eyesby 🖤Jacquelin🖤
Um... my first story on Wattpad. So might not be great. The story is about Rainbow Dash falling in love with Aj but there is a problem. Applejack lost all her feeling ye...
  • rara
  • pinkiepie
  • rainbowblitz
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A Faithful Princess by Florence_Spring285
A Faithful Princessby Florence_Spring285
Rainbow Dash,a Princess who punished to be a maid because an accusation she want to steal one of her sister's fiance,Thunderlane,the fiance of Rarity. She have to serve...
  • celestia
  • kingsombra
  • chrysalis
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My Little Pony One-Shots by SansysGirl
My Little Pony One-Shotsby PhanderGirl
Here are some One-shots from the TV series,My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. If u have any requests,PM me or comment. I hope y'all like them!
  • twilight
  • rarity
  • scootaloo
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A Sweetie Game by user83970562
A Sweetie Gameby
Sweetie Belle was having a good time with her best friends when a colt stood up to her seat with something and asked if that something was hers. She said yes and she got...
  • sweetiemash
  • sweetiebelle
  • sweetiebellexbuttonmash
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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (SpikeBelle) Shipfic by destinyrays023
My Little Pony Friendship Is Sentimental Trashcan
Sweetie Belle has a crush on Spike, and she tries to deal with it. *Includes my OC Merry Bolt
  • mylittleponushipping
  • spikethedragon
  • cute
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CMC: The Next Generation Daughter of discord Fanfiction  by eeveeinheat
CMC: The Next Generation Marshall the Toxic Asshole
A series of one-shots on the adventures of five fillies (a flightless Pegasus, a snobby unicorn and a set of energetic triplets) and their quest to discover what makes t...
  • cherry
  • prism
  • scootaloo
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Cupcakes: The Assistants by SomeRandomGoreWriter
Cupcakes: The Assistantsby Giovanna
Pinkiepie realizes that she cant manage alone forever. But she doesnt know if she can leave it in the hooves of her current helper... When Applebloom discovers her doing...
  • applebloom
  • death
  • derpy
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A royal family and a caring thief(Spikedash)COMPLETED by spike_dash
A royal family and a caring thief( spike_dash
hey guys Spike_Dash here this is an mlp fanfic i made beacause im bored and this has slow updates hope you like it.they ae humans in he story spike-15 twilight-19 rain...
  • sweetiebelle
  • spikedash
  • thieves
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I'll Be There... (A Apple Bloom x Spike Fanfiction) by Starla3213
I'll Be There... (A Apple Bloom Starla Elizabeth Melody
AppleBloom x Spike i ship it xD so i made this
  • applebloom
  • mylittlepony
  • spike
Life is a Party by Varian122894
Life is a Partyby Varian122894
(This is a remake of Life is a party fanfic just a different story setting) What If after the first time Naruto fails the test he runs off into the forest of Death and f...
  • pinkiepie
  • cathy
  • insanenaruto
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Sweet Apple Massacre - Alternate Ending by Sheaisawesome666
Sweet Apple Massacre - Alternate LilacSky
I wanted to save the CMC from the antagonist of the dreaded Sweet Apple Massacre, so here is an alternate ending. If you haven't watched Sweet Apple Massacre, please go...
  • applejack
  • cutiemarkcrusaders
  • creepypasta
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Truth or dare my little pony by catdog556
Truth or dare my little ponyby WeebPride
No inappropriate truths or dares and no cussing.
  • flashsentry
  • applebloom
  • applejack
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The Cursed Village by Varian122894
The Cursed Villageby Varian122894
While fighting each other in Old Corona Varian, Rapunzel and Eugene and Cassandra and Lance are transported to Equestria where they meet the Apple Family and moves in wi...
  • death
  • healing
  • creepypasta
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