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Issei Reborn (Highschool DxD fanfic) [Currently Rewriting] by LazyHunterZ
Issei Reborn (Highschool DxD fanfi...by Child_of_Oblivion
So basically, a character of my own will wake up as Issei, but he won't be called by his given name in this story. He'll just be your plain old Issei but with a little t...
The Otter Man (High School DxD x Male Reader) by QuiestcelaVie
The Otter Man (High School DxD x M...by Qu’est-ce que la vie?
The Kushtaka, the "Land Otter Man" of the Tlingit peoples in Alaska and Canada. They are mythical shapeshifting creatures This story follows a Kushtaka hybrid...
Ghost Rider (Male Reader) x Highschool DXD by Jp36346
Ghost Rider (Male Reader) x Highsc...by Jp36346
During the height of the Great War, there emerged a new entity created by God to protect the innocent lives of humans. This new entity was the Angel of Justice, otherwis...
A Second Chance in a Better Peerage: HighSchool DXD x Betrayed Male Reader by Shadow_Eureka
A Second Chance in a Better Peerag...by ShadowEureka
This is a HighSchool DXD I wanted to do and it is kinda related to other, but those have made Rias and the others out of character. So, this story is the opposite of tho...
The Hunter; Highschool DxD x Male Reader [Discontinued] by Keita_Kazuka
The Hunter; Highschool DxD x Male...by Keita Kazuka
An organization was built to capture dangerous targets who threaten the balance of the world, and one such target is in Kuoh where (Y/N) ) (L/N) has been sent to take ca...
Kamen Rider G3-X: Surrounded by Waifus by PauloGamenha
Kamen Rider G3-X: Surrounded by Wa...by Paulo Ricardo
In the bustling metropolis of Neo-Tokyo, a new threat looms on the horizon, threatening to plunge the city into chaos. But amidst the impending darkness, a lone hero eme...
High School DxD: Choices (Very-Slow-updates) by Ikimasu
High School DxD: Choices (Very-Slo...by The Fool
Before Asia came to Japan he met A boy her age they met when she had nowhere to go offered her a place to stay until the day she goes to Kuoh in Japan, She Vividly Remem...
The Boy Reborn As The Ghost Of The Uchiha's by Goldenpen12
The Boy Reborn As The Ghost Of The...by Fandomhopper
Max Sherwood was your average 24-year-old guy; he drank and went out with his friends; he had a job that he loved; he worked out daily and volunteered whenever he could;...
The Collin Family:HighSchool DxD Fanfic by trinikirito
The Collin Family:HighSchool DxD F...by trinikirito
Intro..... Back in the beginning of time when God created the Earth and it's inhabitants he watched as the organisms all evolved and continued to grow...... However, he...
Dragon Brothers Crimson Flame by ManuelMaster16
Dragon Brothers Crimson Flameby Arrow
Historia alterna a la original, casi todo igual a excepción de unas cosas
Supreme King (OC Male X Highschool DXD) by redhater7861
Supreme King (OC Male X Highschool...by redhater7861
Xie Yan was a normal teenager who attended Kuoh Academy to everyone but didn't realise the teenager was a powerful entity with unique skills created from cultivation as...
Devils Tangled In A Spider's Web by Baryan_KuramaSeal
Devils Tangled In A Spider's Webby The Hooded Knight
Y/n L/n, cousin to Issei Hyoudou lived in the states with his mother Martha Hyoudou and his father Ben L/n. However after a tragic accident, Y/n was taken in by his aunt...
Soul Of Madara Uchiha (rewrite) by MommyArlecchino
Soul Of Madara Uchiha (rewrite)by 1-800-CHOKE-THAT-HOE
In a world where the remnants of the Shinobi era fade into myths, Rias Gremory emerges as the unexpected descendant of two legendary figures, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uz...
UCHIHA IN KUOH | Highschool DxD x Male OC by Bout2Snow
UCHIHA IN KUOH | Highschool DxD x...by Bout2Snow
It's the story of a young Uchiha rising from the bottom to become one of the strongest warriors along the devils. Watch him and his pet-wolf Kuro take on all kinds of pr...
Highschool Dxd Heavebly Dragon King by acasia0972
Highschool Dxd Heavebly Dragon Kingby Avaneesh Poojari
Ichiro Lucifer, a stray devil who has been hiding for about a couple of weeks. Found hiding out in an abandon church confused at why he's so hurt the devils talk to him...
The King Among the Dragons: King Crimson User Male Reader x DXD Harem by OverlordAKX
The King Among the Dragons: King C...by OverlordAKX
When one thinks of a Sacred Gear, their mind immediately gravitates towards the legendary White and Red Dragon Emperor's, with their power making the mightiest of angels...
Kuoh's Hero by TheFoolAngel
Kuoh's Heroby Mᴀκoтo Yuκι
[Hiatus...for a long time] This story was inspired by DekuMidoriyaXT_V2! Check his story out! Izuku yet again is sent to another world but instead of the population havi...
The Awakened: The Dragon God of Domination & Supremacy [Highschool Dxd x FGO] by AshuraStories
The Awakened: The Dragon God of Do...by AshuraStories
«]•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•[» "Trihexia has finally been defeated, but at what cost? All of the different Factions has lost over nearly 9...
DXD: The Zombie Army by IJN-Yoshika
DXD: The Zombie Armyby IJN-Yoshika
throughout or around 1942, Nazi scientists throughout Europe created a "Weapon" called Project Necromancer, or Projekt Nekromant in German. They apply it to Mi...
Born of the Sword (High School D×D × OC) by MomoMizrahi94
Born of the Sword (High School D×D...by ミズラヒモモ
A boy born with the power to create blades and a victim of the Holy Sword Project. While his best friend becomes a devil, he takes the opposite path and becomes an exorc...