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Supernatural Sniper (Highschool DxD X Male Human Sniper Reader) by parthrajawat
Supernatural Sniper (Highschool कयामती कातिल
The Devil, Angel and fallen angel factions thought that there was no human, who knew that supernatural existed......But they were WRONG. There were 7 highly trained huma...
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Different DxD ( by SirH3lix
Different DxD ( SirH3lix
The og story is This is just the Wattpad version. By: FunahoMisaki (A/N: I own nothing, all creds go to respective owners) What if things were differen...
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Highschool DxD X Gamer OC (Fem!Great Red x Powerful OC x Ophis) by TrueRisingFTW
Highschool DxD X Gamer OC (Fem! TrueRising
When you die, you expect to be judged and placed into the realm of heaven or hell. Not reincarnated into a different world with powers you only hear of in fiction. Follo...
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High School dxd | Infinite Blade Dragon God | fanfic by surge_gdog
High School dxd | Infinite Blade J@K€r.JeyaRTi.Genn
Luke Smith is a 27 years police his rank is lieutenant, he achieved many medals about saving a child inside the burning truck, tracking some drug users, arresting some t...
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The Real Hyoudou (Highschool D×D) by ZofiaHyoudou
The Real Hyoudou (Highschool D×D)by Zofia Scarlet Dragneel
Hey everyone. ZofiaHyoudou here. This is a story which is Issei is Overpowered. So yeah please read and Review! Previews: "Remember, Issei. I'm already yours and on...
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The Berserker Dragon King (Highschool dxd x oc) by PhantomMaster_5
The Berserker Dragon King ( Dark Emperor
Along time ago a war between Angels & Devils broke out, that was before the war between the 3 factions. Neither side was succeeding so they decided to create a counterpa...
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Highschool DxD: The Fox of Kuoh Academy {On Hold} by CarrotyRaccoon
Highschool DxD: The Fox of Kuoh RaccoonKing
{Currently updating and rewriting chapters} *Contains dark & explicit scenes* During the time a nekoshou had betrayed and killed her master, the council decided to retur...
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Bodyguard of Gremory  by JennyTaes
Bodyguard of Gremory by YourNameHere
Read and Find out xx Naruto x Highschool DXD Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or DXD
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The Ancient God: A OC X Akeno Story by IndigoPrince99
The Ancient God: A OC X Akeno Storyby IndigoPrince99
An average 17 year old boy named Shoki Tanahashi did not come from humble beginnings. But he's ready for a fresh start with his elder sister Uzume at Kuoh Academy. So wh...
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The Serpent (Kevin Kaslana Oc x Highschool Dxd) by Hiroku6999
The Serpent (Kevin Kaslana Oc x Hunter Penkszik
Honkai Impact 3rd x Highschool Dxd
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Highschool DxD: Chaos Incarnate  by TheSword97
Highschool DxD: Chaos Incarnate by TheSword97
A Highschool DxD x OC story... Nikorasu Ibara, born into a family of devils years after the war ended, now embarks on a journey to reclaim his family name after a group...
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High School DxD: The Noblesse  by yuuyachii
High School DxD: The Noblesse by Fey Sinclair
All picture and Anime is not mine only the OC. This Story is about a boy Name Mikaela Vi Basilia who had live since the age of God before the great war started. He h...
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son of sparda  x HighSchool DxD by supergod454
son of sparda x HighSchool DxDby supergod454
disclaimer: HighSchool DxD belongs to its creator Ichiei Ishibumi and all other images and videos or GIFs belong to their respective creators. and Devil May Cry aslo bel...
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Naruto De Libra y Issei De Sagitario {En Pausa Indeterminada} by El_fokiun_black
Naruto De Libra y Issei De EL_BLACK_ROSA
~Aclaraciones~ ~Minato y Kushina vivos ~Naruto mayor de 2 hermanos: Menma y Naruko Namikaze-Uzumaki ~Naruto y Issei Traicionados
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The Embodiments (Highschool DxD x OC x Multiverse) by TrueRisingFTW
The Embodiments (Highschool DxD TrueRising
Anger. Sadness. Fear. The core emotions to the negative side of the spectrum, also the first existences. They were the embodiments, they were the ones that brought terro...
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The reaper of Kuoh (bleach x DxD) by zangetsu2303
The reaper of Kuoh (bleach x DxD)by Adam Parker
Ichigo Kurosaki is the last member of an ancient race one who's very existence predates that of Great Red. Now after entering Kuoh he is met by the sister of the current...
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Goku En High School DxD by BlackGokuFrio3
Goku En High School DxDby Kakarotto-_-789
Goku Se Vuelve Frio Por La Traicion De Sus Amigos Y Aumentando Su Poder Se Abre Un Agujero, Absorbiendo A Son Goku Y Llega Al Nuevo Mundo
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The Sato Emperor by MasterJay123456789
The Sato Emperorby Jay
A story about a boy named Kazuki Sato, the Red Dragon Emperor. He is normal highschool student who just so happens to have a Sacred Gear. One day, he attends a date with...
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High school DXD Phoenix /Gremory by RyanWalseth
High school DXD Phoenix /Gremoryby Dante's Xcutioner
In a altered reality where Issie has already awoken the Boosted Gear but not his Balance Breakers , a young man named Raphael unknown to him is a member of the House o...
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king of ice (bleach x DxD) by zangetsu2303
king of ice (bleach x DxD)by Adam Parker
Just before the final battle with Aizen, Toshiro decided to join Ichigo and the others on the assault on Waco Mundo. However Aizen using the powers of the hogyoku to sen...
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