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High Note (Rwby X Male Reader) by _Mommy-Of-Hell_
High Note (Rwby X Male Reader)by ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔦𝔢 𝔐𝔞𝔤𝔫𝔢
Y/N L/N A young boy who is attending Beacon Academy as a first-year along with team Rwby, Jnpr, and many others. The only problem with him is that instead of deadly and...
The Lost Mikaelson  by andreaaa473
The Lost Mikaelson by Andrea Orellana
What if Hayley gave birth to Twins? What if Genevieve felt guilty to sacrifice both babies? What if she send the youngest of the twins away and makes everyone think she...
Cousins~ Adopted by Jasmine Cephas Jones and Anthony Ramos by Anthonyramosismyfav
Cousins~ Adopted by Jasmine ✨Anthony Stan✨
Veronica Sota is 12 years old. Her mother died as a baby and her dad is not doing well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her grand aunt lives in Puerto Rico and her dad has...
Sing For Me ✔️ ¦ i. ny  by kimwonnie_
Sing For Me ✔️ ¦ i. ny by charlotte
Twice Nayeon x Reader Y/n's life was simple and in peace, not until a certain bunny decided to cause chaos A sweet chaos. "Take me home, and I'll show you how it's...
Bad Boy Fell Hard |✔ by not-a-baddie
Bad Boy Fell Hard |✔by Mushabe Melisa
Noreen went through shit that no teen has ever gone through. She put on a smile to hide the pain that she was going through. Everyone fell for that fake smile except one...
The Creation Girl and her Animal Hero (Yaoyorozu x Male reader) by fujiwarasimp
The Creation Girl and her Animal Bry Fres
Y/n Ashido is young hero trainee at the prestigious UA high who, on top of trying to be the best hero he can be, enjoys working on his side hobbies of making music with...
Engaged by Life_wise_girl
Engagedby ˗ˏˋRAYˎˊ˗
Alexis Woods, a 17-year-old, loses her parents in a car crash. Taking over the Royal Empire, she moves to another school wanted a new start. But then she meets Ace King...
#whoispoly by EmelineClover
#whoispolyby EmelineClover
On her 22nd birthday and fresh out of college Palila Blake makes the decision to leave her hometown in paradise and make the leap east to Los Angeles, California. By a s...
Smells Like Teen Spirit(kurt Cobain) by lodeddipper
Smells Like Teen Spirit(kurt lodeddipper
Crystal is a teenager who has loved music forever. She starts to have more and more connection with music as she grows. Because of her unusual childhood and ignorant sin...
Music Book by applejuicedanielse
Music Bookby applejuicedanielse
This book consists of music I love to listen to with lyrics, music videos, famous musicians, and hopefully your comments. I also give full credit to the amazing artists...
Trolls: A Colorful Wedding  by DanaMovie
Trolls: A Colorful Wedding by Lukas Mikes
For all you Trolls lovers, you made some great fan fictions stories of Branch And Poppy wanted to get married. Well for you I have a perfect story that will turn this sc...
Reunited In Love by PiedmontSalt11
Reunited In Loveby PiedmontSalt11
I don't know how you are so familiar to me. It feels like I am getting to know you and more as if I am remembering who you are. How every smile, whisper and touch brings...
Ariana Grande Facts by arianagrande1980
Ariana Grande Factsby Nerd Girl
I love Ariana Grande. She is my idol. Here are some amazing fun facts that you probably didn't know about her until now. Some of these facts are interesting and also ver...
I sang for you by dekuboi01
I sang for youby dekuboi01
This is an izujiro fanfic ,about how jiro 's song made him feel secure and how their love life revolves around.
MUSICAL ACADEMY (BOOK 1) by JeremielCepeda
MUSICAL ACADEMY (BOOK 1)by Queen_Asterophile
Blank Space by KramNivoj
Blank Spaceby Jovin Mark
"We are two different person that live in a very different world" Jessica Jordan or best known as Jess Jordan, the music sensation all over the world just fini...
The Drama Transmigrating System |BL/YAOI| by ipushandipull
The Drama Transmigrating System | M.T LAMA
The main charcter of the story. Chaos occurs in the industry. Someone unwillingly takes place of the MC and accidently falls in love. A harem of men will arise in the st...
Who Cares Who Wins (BoyxBoy) by MossfordGreen
Who Cares Who Wins (BoyxBoy)by Moss
A non sporty boy in an extremely sports orientated Public School in England, who has been fortunate to have his own dormitory room, suddenly finds that at the start of a...
Lifeline~ JATP by XdrapetomaniaX
Lifeline~ JATPby Britt 🎸
'Screams filled the air making everyone around grow quiet. The sirens from the ambulance still ringing in the ears of everyone who was around it, even though it left a w...
Diary ng Bad Boy  (ON GOING) by HeartReader8
Diary ng Bad Boy (ON GOING)by Semi-Hiatus ?
HIATUS / Might discontinue. HIGHEST RANK ON PRESIDENT #17! 11:56 pm I am Ezravel Troye Merton. The badboy next door. And I have secrets here in my diary. Ito ang diary...