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once upon a text message  ⚤ jack avery ✔️ by sluttyrae
once upon a text message ⚤ jack rae
unknown: where's my ice cream u rodent !! unknown: i can't believe you would do this to me unknown: to my damn ice cream perci unknown: .. the whole tub dude im heartbro...
  • fame
  • love
  • accidental
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The Secret I Tried to Keep by CaylahWest
The Secret I Tried to Keepby Caylah West
Chandria Shandi's parents want her to be a doctor. Chandria wants to be anything else. Chandria comes from a very strict and traditional family. She's not allowed to da...
  • teenpregnancy
  • forbidden
  • high
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Easy Mistake ; Harry Potter by Dan_Is_Not_On_Fire_7
Easy Mistake ; Harry Potterby the golden trio
In which she accidently puts the number 4 instead of 5... {Harry Potter Love Story} {Goblet of Fire - ???}
  • romance
  • teenagers
  • letters
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The Brain and the Bass Guitarist (Sterek AU) by adult_disneyprincess
The Brain and the Bass Guitarist ( Stale Hale
Derek Hale is a loud mouthed Londoner with the band Unknown Artist. He's been in the tabloids for everything ranging from fights to what poor person he's stringing along...
  • marriage
  • boyxboy
  • musician
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OTHER GROOM... the tale of the rejected guy... by TheHimalayanPrincess
OTHER GROOM... the tale of the Adrija Chakraborty
Tulika's blooming love story faced tragedy when a bike accident took away her love Sumedh. Sumedh, the perfect guy for her, who was head over heels in love with her. But...
  • life
  • fiction
  • unwilling-bride
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The Wrong Number ✓ by PurpleStreak
The Wrong Number ✓by PurpleStreak
"Is this Domino's?" "No, it's not." "Are you sure?" "Yes. I think you've got the wrong number." "On the contrary, for once I...
  • phone
  • accidental
  • calls
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Kisses from Renzo by friesandcries
Kisses from Renzoby — 𝐂𝐉.
❝I don't like to kiss and tell, but for you I'll happily bend the rules... so pucker up, baby.❞ ➺ extended synopsis inside ...
  • funny
  • couple
  • baby
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Accidentally Married by alavaraa
Accidentally Marriedby alavaraa
"Wait," Levi was having a light bulb moment. "Look on your phone. Messages, photos, there should be something that can help us." I snatched my phone...
  • accident
  • married
  • love
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The Estranged Husband by Yagyaseni
The Estranged Husbandby Yagya Chowdary
Their hatred gave rise to the sacred bond of marriage which Arnav Singh Raizada willfully and wholeheartedly upheld and ensured that the spark of their passion ignites t...
  • actress
  • misunderstanding
  • dystopian
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ACCIDENTAL MARRIAGE [manXman] : Book 2 by NS_silverlining
ACCIDENTAL MARRIAGE [manXman] : NS_silverlining
This is the continuation OF the previous Accidental Marriage: Book 1. This is the love story between the pervy old man, yet charming Chemistry Professor named Sean Abbe...
  • marriage
  • accidental
  • wattys2018
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Accidental - Kol Mikaelson  by charityagerard
Accidental - Kol Mikaelson by Charity
Kol accidentally texts the wrong number.
  • theoriginals
  • supernatural
  • texting
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The Accidental Text 《Daniel Seavey》DISCONTINUED  by BabyDanielJaames
The Accidental Text 《Daniel Daniel Seavey ♡
Grace texts Daniel accidentally. What happens next is anything but accidental. This story mentions self harm & rape. Do not read if that triggers you. *Discontinued*
  • mature
  • fanfiction
  • text
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EDITING - Door To The Supernatural. Boyxboy. by TheAngelsDevil
EDITING - Door To The Elise. ❌
Talks about self harm. M-preg and boyxboy. ****** Spencer is a boy who... You could say is a bit shy and doesn't like being around too many people, but when his mum fin...
  • school
  • accidental
  • editing
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Their Fated Mistake by ash_lovv
Their Fated Mistakeby ash_lovv
What would you do if you woke up married to the sexiest man alive? Here's how emotionally unstable Melissa will do and how much fun she's having but it's not all fun and...
  • fiction
  • adult
  • accidental
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accidental  |  tomione  by sevvy_
accidental | tomione by sev
Tomione { Tom Riddle × Hermione Granger } "No!" Bellowed Hermione, rushing forward towards the fight. She had to get there in time; in time to save Harry. Har...
  • hp
  • harrypotter
  • hermionegranger
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My Accidental Husband, Not Father by onceuponamuslim
My Accidental Husband, Not Fatherby onceuponamuslim
A Muslim love story.... Al Hamdulillah #10 in Spiritual ..... He got married to get his Revenge. She got married to keep the secret hidden. Overnight, irresponsible Ghai...
  • billionaire
  • spiritual
  • secrets
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Break In by Succmachine3000
Break Inby Succmachine3000
Please read this I streamed writing this for 7 hours
  • impregnation
  • virgin
  • masochist
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Not All Bad by Topp_Dogg_Klass
Not All Badby Lee Mi-Sun (Minmin)
"I'm sorry, but all of our female dorms are full, this is the only dorm we have left." The man apologized. "How can you expect me to room with a boy? Be...
  • love
  • accidentally
  • yiyang
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Male Omorashi Oneshots by BisexualBabyBoy
Male Omorashi Oneshotsby Jaxx
{GAY ;)} All chapters are standalone. Characters are completely mine. I honestly don't know what the cover is or who to credit, I just googled like cute gay anime couple...
  • boypee
  • omocute
  • pantswetting
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Unexpectedly In Love With The Campus Heartthrob by MysteriousColdEyez
Unexpectedly In Love With The Jeydii
Unexpected? ~Sometimes someone comes into your life.. ~Unexpectedly take your heart by surprise and change your life.. They say... If something is destined to happen une...
  • goodgirl
  • romance
  • boyband
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