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Temporary Nanny by cliffy_luke
Temporary Nannyby cliffy_luke
When newly single dad Michael's nanny cancels on him last minute he's forced to beg his new neighbor to babysit his daughter for a few hours. Although Charlie's never re...
Fans of a Band || Calum Hood✔️ by lovealwayscth
Fans of a Band || Calum Hood✔️by ✿ laur ✿
"How about we go on tour with 5SOS?" A story about two friends who's summer takes an unexpected turn.. highest rankings: #3 in calumhood #4 in michaelclifford...
fanfiction :: ashton irwin by bonnaroo
fanfiction :: ashton irwinby blurryface
In which a fan introduces Ashton Irwin to the world of fanfiction. © 2014 webby | bonnaroo
good girl • (lrh) by ughxbaby
good girl • (lrh)by Anon
A story in which a girl becomes infatuated with her neighbor. ••••••••••••••••• ❝ Luke sits beside me on my porch, continuing to smoke his cigarette. "Want a drag...
wish // 5SOS   by 5sosxruel
wish // 5SOS by 5sosxruel
BOOK SIX IN GABI-VERSE calum focussed Charlie was no stranger to...being a stranger. That's kind of what happened when you moved around so often. No place to call home...
masturbate ∇ muke by interfere
masturbate ∇ mukeby ♡
michael can't keep his hands off himself. and luke, well he doesn't even touch himself. _ sunday april 12th, 2015
Mental by Lovely_Bell
Mentalby Lovely_Bell
A teen struggling with her mental health and her new Psychiatrist who wants to help her ⚠️⚠️WARNING Contains depressing topics. Self harm issues, eating disorders and ta...
Hold Me by Lovely_Bell
Hold Meby Lovely_Bell
A 16 year old who just needed to feel loved and wanted ⚠️ Contains mentions of abuse. please don't read if that topic makes you uncomfortable ⚠️
Here by 5sos_1d_Lover1230
Hereby 5sos_1D_Lover1230
"I just want them to be here!" "I know, sweetheart, I know."
5SOS smut by C-S-B-
5SOS smutby C.S.B
Hot-short stories involving the boys of #5sos. I wrote these so please don't steal them. Discontinued for the time being.
beautifully broken by blvckenedwings
beautifully brokenby It’s me🧍🏻
She She was Michael Clifford's sister And she was beautifully broken She; is raya clifford
Anna's life  by Alinawritess
Anna's life by Alinawritess
Anna is a 17 year old girl living with her uncle and his 3 best friends. Anna struggles with her everyday problems while dealing with some past trauma and 4 overprotecti...
proud// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
proud// 5SOSby 5sosxruel
Esme liked how people saw her. A cheerleader, in a perfect relationship, happy. She was all those things. After moving schools, she got a fresh start and her past self w...
sing with me || mgc by mariamkhalill
sing with me || mgcby Mariam Khalil
"who wants to join me?" michael said through the microphone. "stella will join you!" gabriella screamed. "shut up, gabi," i whispered, co...
masterpiece// 5SOS  by 5sosxruel
masterpiece// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
Calum had always dreamt of the perfect family. Unfortunately, dreams often don't come true.
I'll Always Be There | 5sos  by alaynaslibrary
I'll Always Be There | 5sos by alaynaslibrary
"She's my life, if anything happens to her I don't know what I'll do" "That's why I'll always be there" ________________________________________ Ca...
you think im crazy? -  hierarchy  by gokyungju
you think im crazy? - hierarchy by Hyunwoo
cha Soo-Jin And her lover get in a mess with the new transfer student " kang-ha " ❝ fuck ❞ The girl screams at the top of her lungs. oc & oc
Betting on You by Macbeth-845
Betting on Youby Macbeth-845
"So yeah, I crashed your 16th birthday party, and yeah, I punched Stan. He didn't deserve you. I'm not saying that I did, or do, or whatever, either, but he most de...
What The Heart Desires by Bieberkidrauhl1994
What The Heart Desiresby Bizzle is bae
Tenby Kate Irwin was born with a heart defect. Her mom passed away from heart complications shortly after she was born. Her father Ashton is a doctor, and along with his...
Unexpected | Calum Hood by SavSOS_
Unexpected | Calum Hoodby Sav
A night out. A conversation that led to more. Now their lives are forever intertwined and they must find a way to deal with the unexpected. Highest Rankings: 1 in Calum...