dms | | c.h by styleslucille
dms | | c.hby styleslucille
@Calum5SOS followed you @calumsjunktho: WTFSJSJIAIAJS @calumsjunktho: YOU DIS JOT JUST FOLLOW ME
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talk fast // calum hood by kristxn
talk fast // calum hoodby k loves c
won't last, I'm okay with that // burn, crash, romance (previously called If These Walls Could Talk) updates every wednesday and sunday!! highest rank: #1 in 5sosfanfic...
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Negative Space (Calum Hood A.U.) by schylerhood
Negative Space (Calum Hood A.U.)by Schyler
Calum may not be as perfect as everybody thinks. Like any other person, he has his shortcomings, especially when it comes to the perfect person for him, June. He thought...
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instagram | calum hood by xikirishimaix
instagram | calum hoodby daddy ;)
"5 seconds of summer. that's a song?" × STARTED : 06.13.2018 ENDED : ??
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Bully||Calum Hood by fallenfivesos
Bully||Calum Hoodby fallenfivesos
In which a boy bullies a girl by referring to her as Barney the Dinosaur. *DISCLAIMER* This is probably really cringe cause I started it like 3 years ago so, don't judge...
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imagines ➳ c.h by chroniclesofaweirdo
imagines ➳ c.hby ginger head
Calum Hood Imagines originally made by me. | Requests are open | Recommendation: Demon Calum Series | 604k reads 12.3k votes
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in the night//cth by superabi09
in the night//cthby A.L Reids
"It's the middle of the night, Calum." I whispered. "I know." He whispered back. "Of all people, why would you come to me?" I asked. "...
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worth everything // c.t.h by ashtonissacutiepie
worth everything // c.t.hby ashtonthecutiepie
"You're a really good singer. How long have you been performing on the streets?" "Ever since I was 10" "Wow. Almost 10 years now? That's amazin...
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Breadstick (Cake) by onyxjay
Breadstick (Cake)by onyxjay
"Hey, Breadstick!" "It's Luke." "Whatever, Breadstick." In which Calum never calls Luke by his real name.
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Broken Pieces C.T.H  by Calums1dehoe
Broken Pieces C.T.H by Calums1dehoe
An insecure girl with a whole lot of problems falls for a popular guy with a whole lot of secrets and a guy who needed to know anything and everything about her. What c...
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Letters To Him -cth by writerdarlin
Letters To Him -cthby dreambabylon
If you knew Vera McNeil, you'd know her infamous love for her grandmother. When she was just a child, her grandmother filled her young brain with mischief, imagination...
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Adopted By The Hemmings (mgc) by SarahSmiles1994
Adopted By The Hemmings (mgc)by Sarah Tanner
When Luna was five her grandmother passed away leaving behind just her and her parents. Her parents decided to move from Seattle to Sydney for good, hoping for a fresh s...
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toko buku • calum by blondenochu
toko buku • calumby niya
Mungkin Tuhan akan mempertemukan calum dengan jodohnya. © 2016 blondepingu. All rights reserved.
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5sos imagines -slow updates by vintagexfuck
5sos imagines -slow updatesby IMAGINATION
Girlxboy or boyxboy I take requests =)
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read my mind- cth by SophieMendes005
read my mind- cthby Sophie Hood
Hi, I'm Stella, and I have a secret I haven't told anyone...
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instagram | a.f.i by movingirwins
instagram | a.f.iby sophie ✨💛⚡️
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twitter dms » cth (ddlg)  by salvatorehemmings
twitter dms » cth (ddlg) by princess
what happens when a band member decides to go undercover on social media as a joke, only to end up finding the girl of his dreams who just happens to have the same kink...
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inhale you ➤ cake by maniachx
inhale you ➤ cakeby lana w.
❝Is it love if it feels like pain?❞ Love is never easy. Love means sacrifice, danger and taking chances. Love, for Calum, isn't anything but another game. For Luke, love...
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infatuated ; calum hood by peachiicalum
infatuated ; calum hoodby lo.
In which a teacher is infatuated with his student
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masterpiece • lrh  by horridly
masterpiece • lrh by anita
"she made works of art and he was a work of art."
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