Opposites Attract (Calum Hood A.U.) by schylerhood
Opposites Attract (Calum Hood A.U.)by Schyler
Calum is the perfect human being. Top student, soccer captain, and with a face made from heaven. All girls in Willow High are swooning over him, including June. They a...
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Bully||Calum Hood by fallenfivesos
Bully||Calum Hoodby fallenfivesos
In which a boy bullies a girl by referring to her as Barney the Dinosaur. *DISCLAIMER* This is probably really cringe cause I started it like 3 years ago so, don't judge...
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imagines ➳ c.h by chroniclesofaweirdo
imagines ➳ c.hby ginger head
Calum Hood Imagines originally made by me. | Requests are open | Recommendation: Demon Calum Series | 604k reads 12.3k votes
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Negative Space (Calum Hood A.U.) by schylerhood
Negative Space (Calum Hood A.U.)by Schyler
Calum may not be as perfect as everybody thinks. Like any other person, he has his shortcomings, especially when it comes to the perfect person for him, June. He thought...
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worth everything // c.t.h by ashtonissacutiepie
worth everything // c.t.hby ashtonthecutiepie
"You're a really good singer. How long have you been performing on the streets?" "Ever since I was 10" "Wow. Almost 10 years now? That's amazin...
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dms | | c.h by styleslucille
dms | | c.hby styleslucille
@Calum5SOS followed you @calumsjunktho: WTFSJSJIAIAJS @calumsjunktho: YOU DIS JOT JUST FOLLOW ME
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twitter dms » c.h (ddlg)  by salvatorehemmings
twitter dms » c.h (ddlg) by princess
what happens when a band member decides to go undercover on social media as a joke, only to end up finding the girl of his dreams who just happens to have the same kink...
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Unpredictable // afi 🌙 by Ghostofashtonx
Unpredictable // afi 🌙by Jessica
Warning // mentions of drug and alcohol abuse.
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instagram | calum hood by souppycaniff
instagram | calum hoodby daddy ;)
"5 seconds of summer. that's a song?" × STARTED : 06.13.2018 ENDED : ??
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Uncle Ash~Daddy/A.F.I by DemiRutter1234
Uncle Ash~Daddy/A.F.Iby DemiRutter1234
"Mum who's this?" "It's you uncle Ashton...your staying with him now!" ACHIEVED #1 SPANKED!
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for grace//a.i//coming soon by doggoandgoggos
for grace//a.i//coming soonby doggoandgoggos
"when you think you finally have it all, life has a way to take it all away from you"
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First | mgc by Nbeuska
First | mgcby anti5social
"Don't forget who your first was." Can things really be the way they are? How much coincidence will it take for us stop believing? !!THE BOOK GETS BETTER IF YO...
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toko buku • calum by blondenochu
toko buku • calumby niya
Mungkin Tuhan akan mempertemukan calum dengan jodohnya. © 2016 blondepingu. All rights reserved.
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Princess | Ashton Irwin by Addisynisnotonfire
Princess | Ashton Irwinby Trash
Ashton Irwin is the world's most feared gang leader. He kills, steals, and ruins lives. But, that was before he met Jaelyn Hart.... Disclaimer- I do not own 5sos All R...
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A 5sos Fan Fic~l.h.The Rock Girl: Paparazzi by Writer_Girl31307
A 5sos Fan Fic~l.h.The Rock story
My mom used to say the man who makes you fall in love with him all over again with something as simple as a kiss or a laugh is the one. He always was the one. Luke Hemmi...
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Adopted By The Hemmings (mgc) by SarahSmiles1994
Adopted By The Hemmings (mgc)by Sarah Tanner
When Luna was five her grandmother passed away leaving behind just her and her parents. Her parents decided to move from Seattle to Sydney for good, hoping for a fresh s...
  • adoption
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publicity + cth by hufluke
publicity + cthby Valentine 🍒
"look me in the eyes and tell me you don't miss the way I used to run my hands down your pretty body." in which a model is forced to date her ex boyfriend for...
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5sos Visuals  by Average_Alien
5sos Visuals by Average_Alien
It's all in the title! Hope you enjoy!
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Calum and Lillie [ DISCONTINUED ] by perspectium
Calum and Lillie [ DISCONTINUED ]by Brooklyn
Calum and Lillie - A Short Story ; Fan Fiction. Highest Rank: #7 in calumthomashood
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Michael Clifford Imagines by brightnbubbly
Michael Clifford Imaginesby Bella :))
For all those who love a boy followed by the name of Michael Gordon Clifford :)) All my imagines. © brighnbubbly via Wattpad, December 2016. All rights reserved. Don't s...
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