CHAPTER 37: The Letter

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It has been a week now, without her and I am trying, I am trying my best to let go of the past and start fresh but I just can't. I feel so lonely. I am always in my room, sitting at one corner or in front of the window staring outside, holding the letter.

That letter.

Her last letter that she wrote to me before she died.

When I went that day, to the apartment everything was a mess. After keeping everything in the correct place, when I was in my room, the room that I used to stay in, I found this letter in my drawer. It was like, she knew I would come and open it, that's why she kept it there.

I didn't have the courage to read the letter there, so I brought it home and when I was alone in my room, I opened it and read it.

My sweetheart,

I can never forget the day when I first found you, I was so happy. Just one smile of yours made me the happiest person in this world. I know because of me, you had to face a lot of problems, but Bella, you didn't complain even a single time. You are the most precious thing I have ever got.

Baby there are things that I couldn't tell you, things that are better if they are kept hidden. You are happy Bella, this is the happiness that I always wished for you and you got that, after so many years. I know the marriage was not out of love but Bella, just give it sometime I am sure you'll find love in him. The world is really cruel baby, you got such a happy family don't ever leave them. Liam is the one for you Bella, the one to keep you happy and I know this. Don't ever let him go. There are problems, but we have to face them a little thoughtfully and together.

I am so sorry for that day. I was so rude to you, but Bella I had some reason to do that. Please forgive me. And Bella, don't cry so much, I wouldn't like it. I don't like the sad and the crying Bella, she is so ugly.

Nanny is tired now Bella, she needs some rest.

Just remember one thing always, I love you. Nanny loves you Bels and she'll always be with you.

-Love Nanny

I read the letter again and again since that day I got it and everytime I read it, everytime I start crying. I try to stop myself from crying but I just can't. I miss her so much.

Same as the other days, I was sitting in front of the window and staring outside, while tears rolling down my cheeks. The door of the room opened. I knew who it would be so I didn't turn around. Since that day, Ryan comes to my room and tries to make me smile, but when he fails he goes back again. I have given him some pale smiles but still he understands and leaves me alone. Today too he had come at least seven times to see me or to give my food. But after doing that he left. So it would not be him now, of course it's Liam.

I could hear footsteps coming closer.


I didn't turn to see him neither did I reply. He sighed then came closer to me. Taking both my hands in his he kneeled down in front of me.

"You can't always stay like this Bella. I understand that she was everything to you but Bella, now you have to move on. It's enough."

I was just listening to him tears were continuously flowing down from my eyes.

"Bella this is life, the people we love doesn't stay with us forever. I understand your pain. I do. But you can't end your life like this."

"You don't understand my pain Liam. You don't. Nobody can understand my pain." I said getting up from where I was sitting, and was about to leave when he held my hand, slowly he got up and turned to me, my back was facing him.

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