CHAPTER 36: I lost her forever

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Reaching the hospital, I asked at the reception about Mrs. Adams's room number. When I reached near the room I saw a doctor coming out of Mrs. Adams's room.

I went go the doctor "Doctor, how is Mrs. Adams?"

The doctor looked at me "Liam Parker?"

I nodded "Yeah."

"You are her relative?" He asked.

"Yeah. How is she?"

"I am sorry Mr. Parker but we couldn't save her." He patted my shoulder.

My mind went blank at that time. I knew her condition was critical but I didn't expect this to happen so soon.

"We tried our best Sir but we couldn't." He said again.

I nodded with a clenched jaw.

I was angry, angry at myself that I couldn't keep the promise I made to Bella. I couldn't save the person who meant world to her.

"There is a girl sitting inside. She says the lady was her Nanny." The doctor said.

"Yeah, she is my wife."

"Take care of her. She needs you now."

I nodded. The doctor left, I was making my way inside but then I stopped in front of the door.

No. I can't do this.

I can't face her.

I promised her that I'll do everything I can to save her Nanny, but I failed to keep my promise. I can't see her breaking down, but I can't leave her either. I can't leave her alone, she needs me now.

Slowly I made my way inside, seeing the sight in front of me, my heart sank.


There she was holding Mrs. Adams's hand and talking to her while crying.

"Nanny, I promise I-I won't leave you again. Nanny please get up." She said to her in a broken voice

"Okay... fine I-I am not angry. I am sorry, for not calling you, for not coming back. You know I have so many t-things to tell you. Please just wake up. You have not even met Ryan properly. And what about me? T-The cookies, who will make the cookies for me, who'll take care of me, who'll scold me. Nanny please get up. I am sorry for everything I have done, but please get up."

She started crying more. Looking at her I felt tears forming in my eyes.

Fuck! I can't see her like this.

"Mr. Parker?" a lady who was standing beside Bella said when she saw me.

Bella raised her head to look at me, she just stared at me with tears flowing continuously from her eyes. Then finally she broke the eye contact and looked back at her Nanny.

I didn't have the courage to go near her, to comfort her. Hell! I can't see her like this. I can't see the girl who taught me how to smile again, breaking in front of me.

It hurts.

After finishing all the paper works in the hospital, we were going back home. Though Bella didn't want to leave Mrs. Adams, she had to. The whole time we were in the hospital, Bella didn't say a single word. She kept crying.

When we were about to enter the car, I held her hand "Bella."

She didn't say anything, she kept looking in front.

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