CHAPTER 32: Shopping!!

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What just happened?

I stood there frozen.

"Mommy." Ryan called but I was still frozen. "Mommy what did Dad say?"

I kept looking in the direction where Liam just went "He didn't say much. But he did so much."

"What? Mommy what did he do?"

I looked at Ryan, then again where I was looking, I touched my lips. "Something unexpected."

"What are you saying? I can't understand anything."

"He-" I looked at him, then suddenly something strike my mind. My eyes widened. I slapped my mouth.

What am I doing? I was going to tell him that his Daddy Dear just kissed me.

Stupid Bels.

"He?" Ryan asked.

"He did n-nothing. Nothing. Go back to your room."

With that I ran from there and came to the kitchen. I touched my chest, to feel my heart racing.

Is this a dream?

Or did he really kiss me?

He also said sorry to me.

"No. No. No. He didn't kiss me right?"

Shut up bitch. He did.

"But he himself said that I was only Ryan's mother and no one to him. Then why? Ugh! This man is so confusing."

Do you know what exactly do you want from your life? At first when you came to know that he didn't kiss you, you were sad and now when he really kissed you, you are still sad. And you call him confusing.

I am not sad.

Oh so you are happy.

I didn't say that I was happy.

I am so done with you. Bye Bels.

Maybe I am happy, but he didn't say anything like he loves me or something.

Patience Bels, one step at a time.

Yeah okay.

"Oh Jesus! I feel so hot." I said fanning myself with my hands.

"Bella." Maria called. I turned to her and saw Ryan sitting on the kitchen stool eyeing me, trying to figure out something. I looked away from him and focused on what Maria was saying.


"Why is your face red?" she asked.

"Huh?" I asked in confusion and touched my face.

"Mary, Mommy is not telling me what did Dad do. Can you tell me what did Dad do?" Ryan said still eyeing me.

Maria too eyed me then she smirked "No wonder why has her face turned so red."

I looked away from her and covered my face with my hands.

Calm down Bels. Deep breathe.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


"L-let's have the l-lunch." I said.

Maria smirked and said "Ryan go and call Dad."

Now she is teasing me. I looked away trying to calm myself down. Ryan ran to call Liam, Maria started laughing looking at me.

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