CHAPTER 33: Birthday!!

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"Bella, why the hell are you still awake?" Liam asked in an irritated tone, when he saw me moving back and forth in the room.

"Shush." I said him signalling with my hand, to keep quiet. "Be quiet. I have to wish Ryan."

"He is sleeping Bella. You can do it tomorrow."

"You are not serious? You do not wish him at 12 am?"

"No, because he sleeps at that time."

"You know what, you have some serious problems. You have my sympathy."

Liam rolled his eyes. I ran to him and pulled his hand. "What are you doing?" he asked confused by my action.

"Come on get up and take that chocolate too. Fast!"

"Okay. Okay slow down." Liam got up from the bed taking the chocolate bar that we bought today. I dragged him to Ryan's room. We stood in front of the door.

"Okay, just 1 minute to go." Liam rolled his eyes, I giggled.

"And it's 12. Let's go." I barged in the room. I sat beside Ryan, on the bed where he was sleeping. Tracing my fingers through his hair I said "Baby. Wake up." But of course my baby is a deep sleeper, so he didn't wake up at the first two times when I called him then at the third time, finally he tried to open his eyes. He rubbed his eyes with his hands and looked at me.

"Mommy?" he asked in confusion.

I smiled at him and took the chocolate bar from Liam "Happy Birthday Baby!"

It took a minute for Ryan to process what's going on then when he finally realised, his face lit up. He took the chocolate from my hand and said "Thank you Mommy." I kissed his cheek.

Liam then sat beside Ryan, he picked Ryan up on his lap and kissed his cheek. "Happy Birthday Champ."

Ryan kissed Liam on his cheek and replied "Thanks Dad."

"Oh My Jesus! My baby is now 6 year old." I said.

Ryan giggled.

"So tomorrow, what are we gonna do?" I asked.

Ryan looked at Liam and said "We just go to some restaurant."

"Really! Hmm... that's so boring. But since I am here, we are not gonna do that boring stuff."

A smile appeared on Ryan's face "Then?"

"Patience baby. It will be a surprise."

Ryan frowned "But-"

"No buts. Go to sleep now." I looked at Liam and said "Liam, why are you making my baby stay awake for so long. He needs some sleep. Pchh."

Liam eyed me. I giggled. He then placed Ryan back on the bed, when Ryan was comfortable to sleep, I kissed his forehead "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Mommy."

The next day, I didn't let Liam go for his work, though he tried a lot by dangerously glaring at me giving me scary looks. I was now in the kitchen making cake for dessert and also chicken. Let me tell you, he loves to eat chicken. I was busy with my work when I heard someone clearing his throat. I turned around to see it was Liam. He came near and stood beside me.

"Need some help?" He asked.

"Hell no! Last time, you destroyed my three cupcakes. I am not making that mistake again."

"Okay... you can't blame me, that was a shitty job."

I glared at him "Language Mr. Parker." Liam rolled his eyes. "By the way weren't you supposed to look after Ryan?"

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