CHAPTER 16: Jerk!

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"Dad, thank you so much." Ryan said hugging Liam.

We were in the car returning back home. Me, Ryan and Liam we were sitting at the backseat of the car. Ryan was just jumping in excitement telling us everything he did today.

"Thank you for what?" Liam asked.

"For marrying Mommy first and second for keeping chocolate cake at the party, there are more reasons but I can't remember them now." Ryan said pouting.

I giggled. Liam kissed Ryan's forehead.

"You know Dad, Mommy had two chocolate cake pieces tonight." Then Ryan paused for sometime and giggled "And Dad, you know Mommy eats just like a baby."

My eyes widened. Liam looked at me with a smirk.

"No, I don't."

"Yes Mommy. You don't remember? While eating the chocolate cake it was all over your mouth and I had to give you a napkin to clean up your face."

"N-No, nothing like that happened." I glared at Ryan. He understood what I was trying to say and instantly shut his mouth.

Liam was still staring at me, when my gaze met his, he just chuckled and said before turning to look forward. "She is a baby."

I frowned.

Huh? Me? Baby?

Finally, when we reached home, Liam went with Ryan to his room, to get him changed and to make him sleep. I was dead tired to go to Ryan. Liam understood that and took Ryan with him to his room.

I made my way to Liam's room. When I reached his room, I was shocked. To say his room was awesome will be an understatement. His room was beautiful more than beautiful. No doubt that billionaires have a very good taste. I took a look of the whole room.

Well from now this room will not only be his, but mine too

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Well from now this room will not only be his, but mine too.

"Aah! This feels so good."

I was about to enter the washroom but stopped.

"My dresses. Shit!"

I ran to his walk-in closet. I saw his clothes on one side and on the other side were some girly clothes. I think these are for me. I sighed in relief. I took a good look at all the dresses.

"Wait. These are not mine."

I took out one nighty from the closet. "I am surely not wearing this. Where are my cute pyjamas? I want them. I miss them so much."

Well I think I should wear at least one of these. I can't stay in this heavy dress for the whole night.

This dress is killing me.

I took out one of the nighty that was a little sober from the others and went to the washroom.

After changing my clothes when I came out of the washroom, I saw Liam sitting on the couch doing something in his phone. He was already in his sweats and a t-shirt.

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