CHAPTER 21: Convincing the Devil

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It has been one week since I last spoke to Nanny, whenever I tried to talk to her, Liam would catch me and take my phone from my hand. Nanny too called to ask about me but always Liam would make some excuse. Ryan tried to help me and he too lost his phone.

"Mommy, why is our life so boring?" Ryan asked.

Me and Ryan, we were sitting on his bed and watching movie.

"Why are you saying this?" I asked.

"It's the truth. I want to go out."

I started thinking, he is right.

He is always in the house, no friends nothing. This is not what kids do. He is like a prisoner captured in a prison and the jailer is Mr. Devil Parker.

"I think you are right but we can't do anything about it."

"Yes we can." He said in excitement.

I think I know what is this little one thinking.

And my answer to it is a Hell No.

"No baby. We are not doing that what you are thinking."

"Yes we are. Please Mommy just think about it. It would be so much fun."

"Fun? Do you want to see your Mommy dead?"

"Please. Dad wouldn't say anything."

"This is madness Ryan. I am not doing this."

"I don't have anyone to help me."

"No." I said in a stern voice.

Ryan frowned then pouted making puppy eyes. I eyed him suspiciously.

He got up from the bed, standing up he wiped his fake tears and said "I want a new friend. Why is my life like this? Why does no one understand me?"

"Ryan stop. This time you can't fool me."

He again wiped his fake tears "My life is so miserable. I wish I had a friend."

I waved my hand in front of him "Hello! Am I invisible?"

*wiping fake tears* "Dad, I need a new Mommy."

"That's it. Stop."

*wiping fake tears* "No one is there to take care of this poor child."

Poor child? Who? You?

Blackmailing this poor Mommy.

He continued "Sigh."



"So many sighs."

"Okay fine. I'll do it." I said.

In seconds his face changed into a happy one, he came running to me and hugged me. Kissing my cheeks he said "I love you Mommy."

I glared at him. "You are the best."

Bella, be ready to die.
"AAH!" I screamed in pain.

"LIAM PARKER!!!" I yelled in anger.

As usual I fell down from the couch again. Frustrated, I looked straight to see Liam fixing his tie in front of the mirror. I stood up and marched towards him, holding his arm, I turned him around to face me.

I glared at him. "Fuck with your rules. I am not sleeping on that couch again whether you like it or not. I don't fucking care."

I didn't give him a single chance to say anything and marched towards the washroom, slamming the door.

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