CHAPTER 1: It's All a Mess

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Speaking about my life it's a mess. I was 2 year old when my mother or maybe someone else I don't remember left me in the orphanage. I grew up in that orphanage. The orphanage was small not many kids were there it was just me and some ten other kids. But they all hated me because Nanny loved me more than anyone.

If you guys are wondering about Nanny, she was the one who used to look after the orphanage and let me tell you guys she is amazing. She has gotten old but still she believes that she is young and has more energy than me. She is my life and the only family I have. I love her. Well you guys must be wondering why I said 'used to' that's because everyone in that orphanage was adopted and it's now only me and Nanny. Nanny told me many times but I didn't want to get adopted by anyone. I wanted to live with her. So now it's no more an orphanage, it's just me and Nanny.

I was in my usual shift working at the café. I was at the counter staring at the customers. Well when you get bored you have no other option.

That man there, why is he staring at the coffee like it's his first time seeing a coffee in front of him.

Oldie's are like this. You can't help. My conscience said.

Oh and that guy there, look at him not even looking at the delicious food in front of him instead he is just staring at that blonde who is busy with her makeup.

Guys these days. UGH!!

That kiddo looks cute. Clapping his hands looking at the coffee. Huh! At least someone is happy.

He is just a kid.

Oh god! What's that man doing there. Is he planning to murder the cake with the fork. No! No! No! Don't you dare murder it, I made that beautiful cake.

Oh God! If he doesn't murder it how will he eat it.

That's not my problem.

And he murdered my cake.

All hardwork in vain. I wish I could murder him too.

You need to stop with those criminal ideas.

"Hey there." A voice came. I came back from my dreamy world.

"Welcome to 'The Hideout' ma'am. What can I get you?" I asked in a most polite and sweet voice.

"Cappuccino" she said rudely.

I hate these kind of people.

"How many ma'am" I asked again politely.

"Do you see anyone else with me. Are you dumb or what? Just bring it quickly. I don't have the whole day."

With that she went and sat on a seat.


I made her cappuccino quickly and went to give her. I kept it on her table and said "Enjoy your coffee!"

She took a sip and spit it. "Eww! Do you even call this a coffee. This taste like shit."

Okay I got it. Her sense of taste is shit. Because I make the best coffee here. Everyone says that.

"Go and make another one."

What the hell!

"Okayy.. and I'm really sorry." I quickly went in prepared another one, tasted it.

Yep! It's perfect.

I am great.

I again made my way to her and kept her coffee on the table.

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