CHAPTER 20: His Secret Room

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The next day I woke up with a pain in my back as I fell down again.

"AAH!" I screamed in pain.

"Fuck! This hurts like bitch."

"You really need to learn to control that mouth of yours." Came Liam's voice. I looked around to find him. There he was all ready for work standing in front of the mirror fixing his tie. He was looking at me from the mirror.

"Well, you are still early, it's only 8 am now. So, you can go back to your beauty sleep."

I got up from the ground and said "No thanks. I am so done with the sleeping now." I kicked the couch but got hurt again. "UGH!! I hate this couch."

Liam just shook his head looking at me.

I made my way to the washroom but stopped on my way and turned around, glaring at him I said "By the way my sleep since I got here has never been beauty except the night I was scared."

With that I went inside the washroom.
And here I am back, wandering again.

I have decided that today I'll make cupcakes for Ryan.

In the morning we were watching movies then we went to his playroom. After playing there, he went to sleep then his tutor came and now he is studying and me being a nice Mom, I didn't want to disturb him.

So, this is the reason of my wandering.

I stopped when I reached in front of the room where Liam asked me not to go. I am really curious to know, what is in this room. Let me think. What can be inside this room?

He asked me not to go inside. Earlier when I asked Ryan, he said that Liam doesn't allow anyone to enter this room. No one. Not even Ryan. What can it be?

Maybe his ex-wife's pictures. I have never seen her.

Umm.. ya, but why would he not want Ryan to go in then. I mean it's his Mom?

Ya. You are right. Then what?

Another office?

Maybe. This man loves his work so, I wouldn't be surprised.

But I think no. Why would he not want anyone to go inside his office?

Right. Then maybe some secret where I'll get to know in the end that he is a mafia leader or something.


Like just think about it, it would be so much exciting. Liam Parker- the mafia leader. Damn!

Your expectations are really high.

Oh No!

What now?

Is it his playroom?

He is not a kid Bels.

Not that kind of playroom.


Umm... you know Christian Grey kind of playroom.

What the hell are you even thinking?

No. It is possible. I mean just think about it and match all the qualities. Liam and Christian both are billionaires, they both are unmarried.

He was married.

But now he is not. He is intimidating too.

He is married to you.

Holy Molly! Is he into that kind of sex?

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