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"Argh!" She screamed; her voice muffled between pillows.

Erin had a string of adjectives she could apply to how she felt.

She was laying on her bed, thoughts running and face smothered into satin pillows.

She was annoyed about more things to count on one hand, but there only important thing: Sabina.

She had no progressions in seeing her aunt for months, and it was driving a stake into her chest. There were still so many things she needed to tell her. So many things she wanted her to know. So so so, many things and too much left unsaid. If only she could just see again. Talk to her again. Laugh with her again. Smile with her again.

"Saby," she mumbled.

She'd give the world to see her again, and have answers or clarity. A brief drop of annoyance mixed into her frown.

But there was nothing.

Every time she searched for answers there was nothing except for disappointment.

'Prince Kaelixson-Nier is taking care of her.'

'Don't worry over matters that aren't your concern.'

'Everything is fine.'

"Everything is fine, huh?" she said, angrily smothering her face.

She considered that the same fluff she had been hearing before her parents shipped her off to Marigold's. How could it be, she wondered, even after she returned, she was hearing the same things. They could just as well read it off a script.

She huffed, hot air spreading across her squished cheeks.

She just couldn't accept it. No matter if Sabina was ill again, she needed to speak to her for herself. How could she trust their word alone? They were liars, and the best ones too.

She reviewed her thoughts with disdain; her aunt was married to a monster, and she seemed to be the only person who recognized it. All the times he had tried to keep her away by having the Tricipital guards stop her from entering, informally banning her from royal functions, and even threatening to put her head on a pike if she continued to get between him and 'his wife'---she remembered all of it.

Everything that had happened was that 'Blessed Glorified' Prince Kaelixson-Nier's fault; it was his fault that her uncle was sent away to the farthest corners of the Tri-kingdom to the dangerous insurrectionist infested Dread Exclaves. It was his fault, Sabina was unwell. Everything was all his fault. She utterly certain.

She could not let him get away with it. But what could she do?

She had no answers.

But knew she had to try, and if anyone could a mountain it would be her father.

Pushing with her arms she raised from her bed and got to her feet.


She cautiously crept out of her room, the floorboards creaking as she moved. Swallowing, she eclipsed her eyes; the blanket of darkness over the hallway corridor was a firm contrary to the lit room she had just parted from.

It was dark, stiflingly so.

A shiver ran down her spine.

"Uncomfortable darkness," she muttered, surveying the walls for a candelabra to make use of.

Although candles and artificial gas lights lined nearly most of the walls, the moment the sun fell, parts of the house still sunk into the shadows. What unlucky sight, she frowned, for it be one of those nights.

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