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For a small cubicle room, the servant's back kitchen was full of noise and commotion. It was a room not as loud and active as the main kitchen on the other side of the manor.

Rather, the back kitchen was humble room with only a few washing sinks, a couple of countertops, and a few stoves and kettles. It was a damp, dim, and dank room, without windows and with only a chimney for ventilation. It was meant to be a room where the food carts and other kitchen items could pass in order of main kitchen, back kitchen, and finally to the tables of the dinning hall.

The only time it received such hustle and movement was when the Suthertons would had guests over or decided to eat together in the dining hall like they were doing currently. But the eating together happened so few and far in between that most of the kitchen staff was shocked, and slightly underprepared.

"When you went out there did Lady Erina complain about the texture of her vegetables? What was it this time? Too coarse? Or too soggy? Or too...upsetting?" Stacking empty plates on the dish counter, one of the maids asked her coworkers.

"No, I don't think so." The other maid, replied with a shrug. "Lady Tyrant wasn't really eating. Just picking at the food like normal." She hopped onto the countertop by the sink and firmly placed her bottom down. "Y'know, it's so weird seeing her after all this time. I swear she's gotten smaller and thinner. You think maybe they were feeding her sardines and air at that Marigold's retreat?" She plucked an apple from the counter, observing it. "Honestly, I hope they did."

"Samira." Glaring, a maid cleaning dishes in the sink next to her sighed.

"What? I'm just sayin, she could use a taste of her own medcine." She bobbed her feet, taking a chunk out of the apple.

"Medicine, Sami." The dish maid corrected.

"Don't correct me, Miss never-read-a-book," Samira said, nudging with her elbow. "Besides, Cecily laughed." She pointed to other maid who was still stacking dishes.

"I laughed cause your mouth is dangerous, Samira." Cecily replied, shaking her head. She lifted up her stack of dishes and packed them into a tiny food cart. "Naeun, you'd outta keep an eye on that one," she said, glancing over to the other maid who was still scrubbing dishes.

"Oh, don't worry, big mouth is only big mouth with us. She doesn't play with the wolves," Naeun said, flicking soapy water on Samira.

"Hey!" A splash of water hit her cheek. "Yer gonna get soap in my eyes!" She moved around trying to cover her face from the assaults.

"You two play too much," Cecily laughed, shaking her head. "But I really do thank you two for volunteering to help. The kitchen staff was really unprepared this time around. When they heard Lady Erina was back, some of the staff just turned belly up and quit. I guess the rumors are getting around pretty far in our circles."

"Yeah, I guess they are, and it's okay, we're glad to help." Naeun stopped messing around with Samira, and turned her attention back to Cecily.

"Thanks. I'll be back in a few. I'm going to take these extra plates back to the east wing kitchen."

"Okay." Naeun nodded to Cecily as she left.

"Geez." Samira rubbed her eyes. "You're so aggressive." She shoved Naeun hard in the shoulder, nearly knocking the girl over.

"Uh huh, and I bite." She chomped her teeth with a smirk, and her friend laughed in response.

With a light laughing sigh, Naeun adjusted her feet and focusing back on cleaning. "So?"

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