A hero and a mysterious phone-call

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So even though this isn't about Lucas, I still got a picture of him. Here you go. Hope you enjoy reading <33


This day, I refused to go to school. I went to the elementary school, actually. I went into the office, waiting for a teacher to come. Then suddenly someone came. It was mrs. Mugberry, one of the most annoying teacher ever. She had this voice, crawling into your head, making you wanting to kneel in pain. Her eyes stared into your soul if you did something wrong. And even when I was in 7.th grade, she asked us what 5+17 were. What a nice teacher.

So she came in, staring at me, and sat down at a chair behind her desk. "So what's the matter?" she asked in her annoying voice. "Shouldn't you be at school today?" I lied a little to her. "No, we get this day free to make a project in English. A very big one actually. But the main reason I am here, is because of Charlie," I said. She looked confused. "Charlie?" she said, rotating her head like a dog who wants a treat but don't know any tricks. "Yeah. I think she is 8 years old. But she gets bullied, and I don't want that so small children shall get treated like that. You have to stop it. Punish the bullies or something. It is not my problem, but I still care. I don't want another person to end up like me!" I got a little hyper. I really wanted to change this. "I will try," and then she showed me the door, giving me a 'goodbye' with her voice that no one likes. I said 'thank you' and leaved.

When I walked home, I watched all the kids. Playing around. I spotted Charlie. She sat on a bench alone. I turned, and went straight near her. Someone came before me. 3 boys. They said something, and laughed. They took her arms and began to pull her away.

"HEY!! What do you think you're doing?!" I shouted. They stopped, and let her go so she fell at the ground. "W-who are you?" one of them asked. I walked to them, looking straight at them all. "I am a victim. Like Charlie." That made them shut up. They stood freezed like stone. I reached my hand out to Charlie, and lifted her up. We walked to the entrance into the school. "If something is wrong, call me. Okay? Or go to the teacher." I reached out a paper as she nodded. She took my phone-number, gave me a hug, and went inside. I felt so great when I walked home.

Late at the evening I got a call. A number I've never seen. "Hello?" I said. Was this Charlie? Was something wrong? "Are you Skylar?" I got asked by a grown up woman. I answered yes. "I am so sorry... but.." was all I heard until the woman at the other end bursted out in tears and began to cry. The phone call ended.

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