The mysterious call got an end

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I called it up. Someone took it. Now it was a man, but I still heard someone crying in the background. "I am so sorry Skylar. I found this note with your phone-number and name, but I have terrible news," the man said. This made me worry a little. I asked what it was, and the answer shocked me. I had no words. Tears came. "Charlie.. Well, when s-she walked home from school.." It was silent for a second. "She got hit by a car," the man sobbed. I could get out a little 'what?', and I began to cry. We talked a little bit, and then it ended. I only knew Charlie for 2 days, but I still wanted to help her. All I did was for nothing. I think that I was the first they called. It must be horrible. Seeing you child, lying there. Blood everywhere, and maybe something was broken. They found a piece of paper in her pocket with a name and a number. And they called. I wished I never had heard it. That they didn't find the paper, and didn't call me. Then this wouldn't hurt so much.

Charlie was watching over me. I could feel it. 'Sorry that I didn't watch if the car came before I crossed the road' I guess she was saying.

Then this hit me. What if she was standing in the middle of the road, waiting for a car to come. Driving, knowing nothing that will happen, and ends her life. Was it a kind of suicide? Accident? Murder? This was questions that I would never know the answer to, and this haunted me forever.


I am sorry this one was short. Not in the mood today. Maybe I will update another chapter today. Dunno.

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