Sorry, but not a chapter

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I am so sorry that I haven't updated. I guess I won't so much either. I have a lot of school work and all that, so I will update in the weekends.

Some info you don't need that is about my real life. So my crush asked me to the prom today. Yey. But it was so awkward since everyone clapped when he came into the class. And I was in the city today, and when I was suppose to go home, I lost the first bus with 4 mins. But I was in a good mood. But I waited an hour for the bus to come. It was so cold and I almost started crying. I almost fell asleep at the bus, and when I was almost home, it didn't go another bus up where I live, so I had to call my father. As I walked to the store, where it was a bathroom I needed, a light just stopped. That happens a lot. When I come under a light it stops. So fun. Yey. Not really. And then I came home.
Another thing is that someone asked me if I and my crush were together. I said no, but then I heard that my crush had said that we were. So confused right now.

But I will think of a long chapter to the weekend. Again, so sorry.

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