Why can't people understand?

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I also skipped Friday. So now it's wekkend, and that means my family wants to do something so we can be 'a happy family' and have some fun. And fun isn't exactly the right word. But I was too tired to go somewhere, and I wasn't really in the mood.

"You need to be a little more with your family! All you do is being on the internet!" my stepmother said to me. She came into my room, just to tell me this. "Just so you know, I am not in the mood today. I am tired," I said to her, hoping she would go away.
"You are always tired. Do you need to go to the doctor?"
"No. I am just so sad because a friend of mine died some days ago, and you care too less to even know!" I said, started being annoyed. I shut her mouth. She tried to find words, but then she just leaved. Well thanks. Thank you for supporting me.

My dad came in too, wanting to 'talk about it', but he just wanted information of my friend. Who was it, how did it happen, and all that kind of stuff. Suddenly, I just said "I want to live with mom. Like, everyday," and my father got a little disappointment in his eyes.
"Why? Don't you like it here?" He asked.
"No. I always get so depressed here."
"But we can make it better. We can buy you some band merch," he offered.
"You can't buy happiness and love, dad!" I said, and walked out of my room, leaving him there. I took my shoes on and grabbed my jacket and walked outside.

I saw the bus coming to me, and stopped. I went in, found a seat, and then I just had to wait until I could go off and to my mom.


Hey! This one is a little boring. Ups, sorry. Next one will be more drama, promise. It will be Sunday and Monday in one. Hope you enjoy <33

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