Denise and dani

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Hi my name is Denise Marie Johnson I'm 17 years old and I love demi lovato. I guess you could say I'm a rich girl I get basically anything I want but I'm not snobby. I'm nice to everyone and I stand up for people who get bullied. I'm kind of excited because I get to go meet demi and go to her concert. There's one thing good about being rich my parents are ok but strict as long as I keep my grades up they don't bother me. I live in North Dakota.

Hi my name is Danielle brown but I prefer dani I'm 17 years old kinda poor I guess you could say. The things I have are things I paid for myself like my laptop and phone for example. My parents are the worst I know every kid says that but I'm tell the truth my dad beats me for no reason and my mom just sits there and watches, so does my brother he laughs. The only person that cares about me is my best friend christina and Demi lovato even though we've never met. I'm trying to win tickets to her show. Hopefully I do. I live in Los Angeles California.

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