Two Worlds collide

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Demi POV
I woke up early this morning so I could go get coffee like a normal person.
So I went to this little coffee shop called sweeties cute name I thought
I walked in hoping no one noticed me.
"I would like a coffee and can I put my cream and sugars in please"?
"Yes ma'am,that will be $6.50"
"Do you take cards?"
"Yes we do"
I hand her my card and I type in my pin
As I do three girls walk in two have my shirts on and they look like twins aww cute I thought.
I went and sat in a back booth so I wouldn't be recognized.
Denice's pov
We met at this coffee shop called sweeties.
I was and still am in shock that I have a twin but who is with our real parents? And why did they give the other one up? Tbh I always knew there was a piece missing.
"Hey dani"
"Hey"she said shyly
"So we should show pictures of our parents"
"Ok sure"she said in an kinda excited tone
She shows a picture of her family she doesn't look like them at all.
I look like my parents
So I showed a picture of my family
"Wow I said"
"I can't believe this" she said in a hurt tone. I could see the hurt in her eyes
She got up and ran to the bathroom
Izzy said she would stay there.
"Dani please come out"
"No leave me alone" she was crying
"Go back to your perfect family and perfect life"
I couldn't really say anything because I saw the bruises and cuts on her I can believe this I need to call my parents but before that could happen a woman walked up.
"Hi I'm-
"Omg your Demi lovato"
"Yes I am" she said laughing
"I couldn't help but I heard what was going on" do you think she'll let me in?
"I don't know to be honest I don't really know her sadly we met last night at your show" I looked down at my shows
"It's ok it's a different situation"she got the key from the waitress
"I like your shirt she said" with a cute smile
I can't believe I'm talking to Demi lovato
She went in the bathroom and started talking to dani. As I stood out here hoping it would fix things. Because I want my sister in my life. I began to get angry and I called my parents.

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