Best night ever part 2

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Dani POV
As I looked for my seat i kept bumping in to people some gave me smiles and some gave me glares. I finally found my seat I sat down and begin to get really happy. The people next to me were really loud I kinda felt uncomfortable. As Bea miller stepped onto the stage I stood up and got ready to have the best night of my life and see the person who has saved me.
Demi POV
I started getting ready for my meet and greet I love talking to fans.
As they finish up my makeup I get excited. I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning I love my lovatics so much.
*an hour goes by*
A girl walks in she looks really familiar she says her name is Denice.
"Oh my gosh Demi I love you so much this is the best day ever"
"Aww sweetie thank you"
We pose for a picture and the next girl comes. I still feel a strange vibe around that girl I shake it off and finish my meet and greet.
I text Isabella
To Isabella:I just met Demi Lovato and it was amazing!!!!!❤️❤️
From Isabella: aww I'm so happy for you.
I head towards the stage and wait for the show to begin.
(I'm gonna skip the concert part)
Oh my gosh that was the best concert ever I laughed I cried. I love Demi.
I headed towards the bathroom and when I entered I bumped into someone and made them drop their stuff "omg I'm so sorry let me help you" "it's fine and thank you"
I look up and then gasp in amazement
"Oh my gosh" we both say

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