Best night ever

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Denice POV
Today is the day,well tonight
I see Demi ive been waiting forever for this im so excited. Overley excited idk what i am. I feel like tonight is gonna be greater than I think.
The only bad thing is i have to drive a few hours to get there but since ill be to tired to go back im just gonna stay in a hotel for a night or two idk i need some away time but isabella coming too but shes gonna be at the hotel the whole time. Im gonna tell her i like her. As I'm driving up too the stadium I get more excited I step and and head to the long line of happy lovatics.

Dani pov
As I begin to get ready I start remembering everything that's been happening these past few weeks. And I start hoping that tonight will be the best night I've had in a while I'm not meeting Demi but just being able to go to her concert is a dream come true.
"I'm ready to go." I state in an excited voice
"Ok, do you need any money for t-shirts and stuff?
"Umm no I'm good I think"
"Here's some just in case"
"Thanks mom but-
"I insist,plus you paid for your ticket.
We begin to drive to the stadium
When we arrive I get super excited
I tell my mom to be there at a certain time.
I guess I got there after doors open because there was no line.
I let the guy scan my ticket to I walk in and go look for my seat...
To be continued.

Sorry I take forever to write I've been busy I'm starting the next chapter tomorrow. I'll start updating more frequently.

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