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Dani POV
Omg Demi lovato tweeted me and followed me omg.
I txted my Bestfriend christina telling her (she knows I'm super obsessed)
To Christina bf:Demi freaking lovato just tweeted me and Dmd me and followed me on Twitter my night has been made!!!!💙💚💜💋
From christina Bff: omg really?? I'm so happy for you!! I love you girly!
To Christina bf: yes really and thanks boo and i love you to chica! Night.
We ended are conversation. I put a reminder on my phone to call the radio station about the ticket contest and turned off the light and went to sleep with a smile on my face.

Denise POV
I just bought my meet and greet tickets and concert tickets I'm one happy girl.
"What do you want D"
" I just bought my concert tickets so yea "
"Ok dear"
My mom and dad don't really care about me if you couldn't tell by the way she talked my dads always busy working or away on business trips. Mom go sometimes as well
"Sissy? My little sister Sophie said coming down the hallway
"Yes soph?
"I kinda did something bad in my room will you help me clean up?" She said in a worried voice. "Yea sure what is it soph?"
The only thing my parents do is discipline which is stupid.
I walked in her room my eyes widen
She had drawn on her walls with different color sharpie ( Sophie only 6 years old)
2 hours later we had got it off the wall before my parents saw it.
I headed back to my room
And saw that demi had tweeted and followed this girl. I immediately got got jealous and tweeted demi @ddlovato I really love you can't wait to meet you and see you in concert!!!❤️❤️ I have friends who I could take to the concert but I'm just gonna go by myself. Plus I have to go to California for the concert but I'm not driving I'm having my driver take me (yes I have a driver)
"What D" she said with hatred
"I just wanted you to tell Jeremy our driver to mark on his calendar April 20 the concert day because he's driving me to Cali" I said in a weak low voice
"Why can't you drive?
"Because I'll be to excited plus it's far" I said in a duh tone
"Ok I'll tell him"
"Thanks"shutting the door I put demi on "In case" to be exact and heade to bed still jealous of the girl demi followed and tweeted back.

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