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Demi POV
I'm so ready for tonight's concert I'm pumped haha I'm really hyper my manager has this new outfit for me so I'm gonna look fierce. Also mom and marissa are gonna be at the show I'm excited.
"Are you ready for the meet and greet?"
"Yes I am" I sad in a exciting mixed with hyper voice.
"Ok come on then"
"Ok Mr grumpy pants"I said smiling
My body guard Phil laughed.
(I don't know her real body guards name)
As we arrived at the venue I already saw a bunch of fans in front waiting for doors to open.
I got even more excited.
As I got off the stage crowd cheering fans crying. I just got done with a show in my home town it was amazing.
Dani POV
Im so excited in a couple days i get to see demi freaking lovato the beautifullest women on earth (i know thats not a word) i have to go
Pick out an outfit i go to my closet i get a cute pair of black ripped jeans and a cute red and black half shirt. With a red flowered head band and red low top converse. Im nervous kinda. I feel like im gonna do something dumb haha. I really havd noone to talk to since my supossed bestfriend was faking the past 3 years it hurts. Now i have to pick out an outfit for school tommorow, for some reason i feel kinda confidence so i put out this peach colored dress with some white high heels and long dangly earrings.
"will you domy makeup tommorow?
"yes i sure will" she says in a quick exciting tone.
"k thanks"
I shut the door and kinda nervous about tommorow im gonna show everyone that im a Firestarter. Because i want to show atleast a little confidence even if i have noone to stand beside me.
*The Next day*
I finished getting dressed my mom quickely does my makeup and she asked why i decided to dress so nicely i say because it was picture day.
"Im taking you to school today dani"
" Why?"
"Because i dont want you walking in heels" she say in a duh tone
As we get in the car my mom starys talking about how beautiful i look and things then it gets quiet.
"so how come christina hasnt been coming over?"
"umm because we got into a fight but it will be ok in a few days you know how we are mom" i say lieing
"oh ok, you silly girls need to stop getting in little arguments"
We stop in front off the school. "Bye mom"
"Bye sweetie"
I step out of the car and....

A/n sorry its been so long ive been busy and going through things. Ilove you readers i wish you would talk to me lol. 😊😘

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