Fierce part 2

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Fierce part 2
Dani POV
I step out of the car start walking the stairs of the school. As soon i walk in i start hearing whispers and whistles.
I grin
As i start walking to my locker i bump into someone
"im so so-
" i dont want to hear it tramp"
Its only my ex best friend christina
"whatever" i say in a snobby tone
"Dont get smart with me tramp"
"is that all you got is Tramp?
She stood there stupid looking
"ahhh" A high pitched scream
And turns and walk away
Ugh i know later on in the day there will be hell to pay for that.
*5 hours later*
I have juice in my hair
A stain i think on my dress
I knew i shouldnt have said anything
Now im a little sad and shouldnt have tried anything.
This foreign little voice is in the back of my head. TRIGGER WARNING
"go cut little tramp"
I start to cry and i run to the place where i used to self harm.
A place in the woods
I call it ny safe place. Kind of my home away from home.
I didnt do it. Something told me not to.
As i started walking home i thought of how proud i was i didnt let the demons win.i tweeted: Proud of myself i didnt lose this time.
Denise POV
Im so ready for this concert in a week 7 days omg im excited.
I been tweeting all week trying to get Demi to notice me but its not working.
Me and isabella have gotten really close she comes over all the time and stays the night i havent told her i kinda like her. Idk.
Shes staying the night while my parents are out of town for the week they didnt want me alone and her parents were ok with it because they love me.
" Hey chicka"
"Hey" i say excitley
I love her accent its so cute
"i brought a few thing popcorn,movies a ton of cds and candy" "This week is gonna be amazing"
Im got really excited and ready for tonight and what this week had to bring.
(Btw they are on a break from school i decided. )
A/n sorry my updates are long i need help kinda lol.
Not updating till i get 3 or4 comments. ❤️💜💚💛😊😄

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