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"ROSE ROSE" I hear someone screaming.

My body jolts up, I look around to see I'm still in the car. My head is pounding and my eyes burn from all the crying. Alejandro and Isa look at me with sorry eyes, I put my head down not wanting them to pitty me.

"Rose whoever took mattia didn't realize there was a tracker in his phone, we are almost to where he is at" alejandro says.

I look at Isa knowing we can't risk telling them who we are, apart of me didn't mind risking it for mattia.

"Where are we" I ask.

"Right outside of New Jersey I've never been here before, and I can't see shit it's so dark" he says.

My body jolts forward as the car hits something.

"Shit what was that" isa says.

"You two stay in the car" Alejandro demands.

"No I'm not letting you go out there alone" isa says shakily.

"I'm not ask-" alejandro gets cut off by a man dragging him out of the car.

"ALE" Isa screams.

I turn around grabbing my gun from under the seat, I hand another to isa as I pull her out of the car. I point the gun towards the man.

"Let him go" I grit through my teeth.

I hear isa'a soft cries behind me, she grasps my arm tighter. My heart was beating uncontrollably seeing the man pull a gun out pointing it towards us, then back at ale. I pull Isa to the ground gripping her tighter.

"I'm gonna take him and you two, if you don't do as I say I will shoot him" the man says.

"Now slowly put your guns down and walk towards me" he demands.

I slowly put my gun down putting my hands in the air, isa copies my actions. I turn to face the man seeing a sinister smirk across his face, but he was looking behind me.

All of the sudden I feel this sharp pain on the back of my head, everything got dark.

This was a very late update but I've had some help with this chapter and different parts of the book!!
I hope you guys like it and shout out nessahoe823

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