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"What the fuck Mar he was cute" I say snatching my arm away from him.

"You know how you your father feels about you talking to guys" he says angrily.

"Yeah my dad is the one who has a problem with it" I say rolling my eyes.

"And what's that supposed to mean Rose?" He says standing in front of me.

I stay quiet not wanting to argue with him anymore, but he continued to stand in front of me.

"Ever since you and I broke up you've been hovering over me 24/7 and, it's starting to get fucking annoying! I'm not a baby Mar so you and my father need to stop treating me like one!" I yell.

I didn't realize what I had said till I already said it, I looked at him seeing hurt in his face. Which quickly turned into anger, he gets closer to me.

"You want me to not care you got it Rose don't come running to me when something goes wrong" he says giving me a disgusted look.

I feel my eyes begin to water, but I hold it back till I get inside of my room. I sit on my bed and let everything out, all the frustration leaves my body. I quickly wipe my tears when I hear someone knocking on my door, it opens slowly and I see my best friend Isabelle come in.

She screams and jumps on top of me.

"Isa what are you doing here" I say hugging her.

"Your dad has had me out here for a couple of months training" she says confused as to why I didn't know.

"You know how he is always keeping secrets" I scoff.

"Tonight you and I are going out and I'm not taking no for an answer" she says.

"I wasn't gonna say no let's go get fucked up" I say.

The party wasn't for another hour so Isa and I unpacked all of my things and, set up my room. Isa threw herself onto my bed, while I grabbed my things to take a shower.

I washed my body, shaved and washed my hair. I got out, woke up Isa and changed into a big t shirt so my outfit wouldn't get dirty while I did my make up. I straightened my hair, put on concealer, mascara and highlight.

I changed into my outfit, then helped Isa get ready

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I changed into my outfit, then helped Isa get ready. She put on the same kind of outfit but in yellow, which made her look bad asf.

"Damn Rose you look cute as shit and look at that ass" she said slapping my butt.

I roll my eyes and laugh at her dumbass, I grab my keys and we dip before Mar could see us.

"So where am I going and who's party is this" I ask her.

"It's my friend alejandro's" she says giggling while putting the address into my gps.

"Yeah friend my ass" I say elbowing her.

She rolls her eyes and starts playing fuck the world by Brent Faiyaz, we both scream the lyrics till we pull up to this huge house. I park the car and we both walk inside. The smell of weed and cheap alcohol hit my nose, I see kids smoking, making out and just letting lose. I feel off like something tonight is gonna go very wrong.

and she's right it is!!
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