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Opening my phone I see the text from Mattia.

Mattia-hey I woke up and you were gone.. are you okay?

I didn't respond, I can't talk to him yet. I feel anger slowly build up inside me, my fist clenched about to explode. I start hitting the wall, isa desperately trying to hold me. I keep fighting throwing things around my room, I grasp a picture frame but as I'm about to throw it I see it's a picture of my mom and I.

I drop to my knees, sobs escape my mouth. I feel mar lift me up softly placing me on my bed, isa and mar sit on each side of me.

"I'm sick and tired of him, of the killing, if my mom was here none of this would be happening" I cry softly.

"Isa give us a second" mar says, isa nods and makes her way out of my room closing the door.

"What's really the problem" mar says lifting my chin.

"Why do we always have to hurt people mar, why?" I whisper.

"It's our job you rose, you don't even know these people" he says.

"I do know them, I might not be their best friend but I know them." I say sternly.

"No Rose you know isa, you know your father and you know me." he says looking into my eyes.

I look at him, and all of the memories of him and I flood my mind.

*flashback seven years ago*  (she's 10)
I'm sitting in my room watching a random show on Netflix, till I hear my father call me downstairs. I run down seeing my father standing next to a man and, a boy.

"Rose te presento a Mar, él se va a quedar aquí" my father says.
*rose I present you to mar, he is going to stay here"

I look at him grasping onto his father for dear life, he  looks scared. I walk up to him taking holding out my hand, I remember he was hesitant to take it. I run up the stairs practically dragging him behind me, showing him around my room he sits down on my bed.

He began to cry.

"My dad says I have to stay here, because he's leaving somewhere. I've never been without him" he says wiping his nose

I don't say anything I just hug him, that was the start of our friendship. We were inseparable. He went through everything with me, and I went through everything with him. Even the passing of his father. Slowly feelings grew between us, he was my first everything.

When my father found out, he threatened to kick mar out. So we were forced to stop everything.

*end of flashback*

"Rose? Hello?" Mar says snapping his fingers in my face.

"Sorry what were you saying?" I ask.

"Whatever you have going on with this mattia guy needs to strictly be for the mission." He says sternly.

I nod and, stay silent. He took that as his cue to leave , just as he leaves my phone starts ringing. Mattia's name flashes across my screen. I answer putting the phone to my ear.

Phone conversation

Rose - hello mattia

Mattia- hello ms.rose I was just calling to make sure you were okay.. you kinda left me

Rose- I'm so sorry about that my dad called he wanted me home.

Mattia- mhmm so how are you gonna make it up to me?

Rose- make it up to you?

Mattia- yeah you owe me for leaving me alone so how about you come out to this little club with the boys and I also bring isa

Rose- I don't see why not I could use a good time

Mattia- I could show you a good time

Rose- okay bye mattia

Mattia- I'll see you tonight 10 and I'll send you the address bye rose

Call ends

My stomach still flutters at his comment, I bet he could show me a good time.

17k!!! I love you guys like so much, and all of the comments you guys leave I read them all!! Also cleared up the whole mar relationship? I will update again either tmr or the day after :)

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