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He releases his grip on my neck, while I'm still trying to process what he said. I felt myself getting angrier by the second, he just stood there with a stupid expression on his face.

"You don't get to do that" I say to him.

"Do what?" He says cluelessly.

"You don't get to claim me, then walk in here with some trashy ass bitch" I say rolling my eyes.

"Watch your mouth when you speak to me" he said his eyes growing darker.

I didn't realize how close he had gotten to me, I looked up at his lips.

"Matti-" he cuts me off by placing his lips onto mine, the kiss started off slow and passionate. It quickly changed into a hunger filled kiss, mattia's hands slowly made their way to my ass gripping it firmly.

Everything was perfect until someone began to bang on the door.

"Occupied" Mattia yelled.

I hit his chest causing him to put me down, I dragged him out of the bathroom. I feel someone quickly pulling me, looking back I see 4 men in masks.

"Get him" one of the men say.

Mattia ducks  quickly pulling me behind him throwing a punch at one of the guys, I see another approaching him quickly. I push mattia to the side kicking the guy in the leg, looking back I see mattia surprised at my actions.

Next thing I know one of the men throw a punch at me, hitting my cheek.

"ROSE" Mattia yells trying to approach me.

As I quickly tried to stand up I felt another punch to my ribs, groaning I fell back down. I see two men drag mattia away.

"Remember me bitch" the man says rushing to catch up with the rest of his gang.

I crawl to the wall trying to stand up, pain rushed through my body causing tears to slip out of my eyes. Limping back to the main area of the club I desperately searched for Isa and Alejandro, seeing them sitting in a booth.

Alejandro makes eye contact with me, he gets up pulling Isa towards me. He grabs me quickly as I feel my legs get weak.

"Pick her up we need to take her to the car" Isa says.

Alejandro picks me up bridal style, everything started moving so quickly. I hear the car door open, feeling Alejandro slowly placing me in the front seat. I wince in pain.

"Hey hey you're okay" Isa says holding me steady.

"Rose what happen where's mattia" Alejandro asked.

Tears slowly fell down my cheeks.

"They..they took him" I cried.

"Who Rose" he asked again.

"I- I don't know it all happened so quickly" I say before everything went dark.

Ahhhhh I'm sorry for not updating so much has been happening.
Enjoy this chapter ik it's kinda bad but it's gonna get better!!!

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