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The sound of gun shots ringing in my ear, my body began to shake in fear. "stand up" I repeated to myself knowing that if I stayed here, I'd die. I run as fast as I can, into my fathers study.

I duck behind his desk, my palm begins to feel wet. I look in terror at my hand, covered in blood. I stand up and see my mothers lifeless body, I feel my heart shatter in my chest.

"Mama, mama wake up please" I scream.

I feel my body being shook, that's when I finally open my eyes and see my father.

"Rose it's just a dream you're okay" he says.

I sit up nodding in response, knowing better then to show emotions around him.

"Now get up it's time to relocate you have an hour before we leave" he says sternly.

I get up and slowly make my way towards the shower, I think about how much I'm leaving behind. Moving from California all the way to shitty ass New Jersey, just another shitty thing about being a gang leaders daughter.

I quickly do my shower routine and, get out.

I put on my outfit, and brush my hair back into a bun not even bothering to do my make up

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I put on my outfit, and brush my hair back into a bun not even bothering to do my make up.

"Vamos mija" my father yells.

I roll my eyes and grab what little belongings are left in my room, I turn and take one more look remembering my mother.

"This is what's best" I remind myself turning around and walking downstairs.

"Finally you took long enough" says Mariano.

"Shut yo ass up before I beat you up like I did in training" I say giving him a smug look.

"Yeah yeah you know I let yo ass win" he says rolling his eyes.

We both look at each other and bust out laughing, he throws me over his shoulder taking me outside. We get to the car, and he puts me down.

I see my father already inside unamused by Mariano
and I, we both get in with our heads down not wanting to get lectured.

Finally arriving to the private airport, we quickly move from the car to the airplane.

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