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"LETS GET FUCKED UP BITCHHHH" Isa yell's in my ear.

I laugh as she drags me into the kitchen, on the way I accidentally bump into someone pretty hard making me bust my ass.

"Ow fuck" I say rubbing my now bruised butt.

"Oh shit my ba-hey I know you" he says.

I look up and see Mattia, I can feel my face get red thank god it was dark in the house. He grabs my hand and, helps me up.

"Thank you sorry for running into you" I say trying to avoid eye contact with him.

He grabs my chin lifting it so we are looking each other in the eyes.

"Don't worry about it ma" he says winking then walking away.

I feel chills run through my body, I walk away to find Isa. I see her all cuddled up to a good looking hispanic boy, I give her the "that's him face" she laughs and covers her face. I walk over and introduced myself.

"Rose this is Alejandro, Alejandro this is Rose my best friend" Isa says introducing us.

We all talk for a while, take shots and I mean we took at least 12. Music was blasting through the house, some how the smell of weed got stronger but I didn't mind. I hear The Motto by Drake playing, Isa and immediately look at each other running hand and in hand to the dance floor.

We sway our bodies as the song plays, I feel eyes on me. I look up and see Mattia staring at me, so I decide to have a little fun. I turn around so my butt is against Isa, I move my hips around keeping eyes contact with him.

He walks over to me instantly pulling my hips away from Isa, she looks at me and winks walking to Alejandro. I continue dancing against Mattia feeling his fingers grasp my hip tighter and, tighter.

"You are killing me Rose" he groans in my ear.

A smile spreads across my face as I turn to face him, I look at every little detail of his face. His sharp jawline, those pink plump lips, and those brown eyes that could make you fall for him. He starts leaning in, I close my eyes doing the same.

Till I feel someone push me hard as hell.

"Get the fuck off of my man whore" some short blond chick says. 

Of course he has a fucking girlfriend.

"Don't put your hands on me" I grit through my teeth.

"Or what...whore" she says catching everyone's attention.

she starts tying up her hair, Mattia tries to grab her but she pushes him back. I tie my hair up real quick, this is gonna be over fast or so I thought. She swings at me hitting me right on my check, everyone gasps. She stands there with a smug look on her face, my turn bitch.

I jump on top of her causing her body to drop to the floor, she begins to pull at my hair. I punch her in the face a couple times, when I feel someone kick me in the stomach. It was probably one of her little friends, that's when Isa jumps in grabbing the girl who kicked me.

At this point everyone was trying to separate Isa and I from the two raggedy hoes, who were getting their asses beat. Everything stops when two gun shots go off, I feel like everything was moving in slow motion. I snap myself back into reality, searching for Isa who all of the sudden disappeared.


I feel someone grab me, I turn and see Mattia.

"Do you know where Isa is!?" I yell feeling tears fall down my face.

"Yes come with me" he pulls me through the crowd of people running to get out of the house.

Mattia drags me into a bedroom closing the door behind him and, locking it. I see Isa sitting on the bed, I automatically run and hug her.

"I thought I lost you" she said hugging me crying.

I pull away to see that she has blood all over her clothes, she continues crying. I see Alejandro on the bed holding his side, fuck.

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