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Mar had spent the rest of the day in my room, watching movies and eating junk food. My phone began to buzz.

*unknown number*
-when will I get to see you again ma?

I look at my phone confused, who the hell is this?

Rose to unknown
-and you are?

-Damn I let you sleep in my bed and this is what I get?

-Mattia? How'd you get my number.. you asking around for me?

Apart of me feels all excited that he asked someone, more then likely Isa for my number.

-you know it baby after last night how could I not?

-slow down there big boy

I laugh not realizing that Mar is looking over my shoulder at my texts.

"Isn't that the kid I pulled you away from in the park?" He questions.

"Yeah" I say locking my phone.

"How'd you get his number?" He asks.

"well we met last night and I guess Isa gave him my number or something.." I say trying to avoid any type of eye contact with him.

"You met him again? That's why you guys weren't home this morning?" He asks with anger laced in his voice.

I nod and he immediately gets off of my bed, leaving my room. I get up and make my way to the shower, stripping of my clothes I hop in feeling the warm water hitting my body. Everything that happened last night kept replaying in my head, I need to focus on training, missions and me.

I get out of the shower and, grab my phone seeing a text from Mattia.

-Ma lemme take you out today get to know you a little better

I was so stressed I could use a little fun.

-okay what should I wear?

-something comfy I'll be there in 20

Oh shit 20, I hurry out of the bathroom and put lotion, deodorant and quickly did my little face routine. I put on some mascara and highlight, I got to my closet and chose out an outfit.

I finally put something together and, threw it on quickly

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I finally put something together and, threw it on quickly. I left my curly hair down cause my curls were acting right, I grabbed my purse and phone.

-I'm here

I make my way downstairs seeing mar and, isa on the couch. I try my best to get out before mar could see me, but unfortunately I wasn't quick enough.

"And where are you going dressed like that?" He says looking me up and down.

I give him a disgusted look and, walk outside. He's not my father so I don't need to explain myself to him, he pisses me off. I see Mattia standing on the passenger side of the car, wearing the same outfit as me only without the red sweater.

"You look beautiful Rose" he says examining every part of my body.

"Thank you" I say feeling the heat in my cheeks rise up.

He opens the door for me, I get into the car. I get this strange feeling in my stomach, why am I so nervous I don't get nervous. I shake off the feels as he begins to drive.

"So where are we going?" I ask him.

"First stop the store to get snacks and candy, then to my house to watch movies" he says excitedly like a little kid.

I laugh at him and, nod. We pull up in front of the 7-11 and, him and I rush into the store. I grab chips, gummies and a arizona. After we left the store we headed to Mattias house, as we arrived to his house I was in awe.

His house was so big, probably bigger then mine. I get snapped out of my thought by Mattia grabbing my hand, practically dragging me inside and up to his room.

"Slow down tia" I laugh pulling my hand away from him.

"Sorry I just didn't wanna run into my family" he says.

I was kind of offended that he didn't want me to met them but, I brushed it off. We both got comfortable on his bed, he immediately put on lilo and stitch. What a softie. As the movie comes to an end, I look down to see Mattia asleep.

Carefully I slip out of his bed wanting to look around his house, making my way down the stairs. I walk through the long halls of his house, looking inside of each room. I stop in front of one hearing people talking, I step to the side to listen.

"Gonzales and his little gang have arrived, he is a threat. Especially his daughters and her two little friends, we need to handle them. They aren't good for business." I hear a mans voice say.

My heart begins to beat faster, I need to get out of here.

Finally an update!
I've been so busy with school I've had no motivation to write, but sort of a filler?
Also thank you guys for voting and just reading in general 💓

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