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I quickly make my way towards the front door, trying my best not to make noise. I look back one more time, making sure no one was following me. I have to tell isa and mar, fuck he knows where I live. Who knows what else he knows about me, I messed up.

I being to run home, once I get home I step inside panting.

"Rose tenemos que hablar" I hear my father shout.
*Rose we need to talk"

I quickly make my way to his study, I see mar and isa already inside. I look at both of them, mar had a smile on his face. Isa looked pale, like she was going to be sick.

"I have a mission for you three" My father says sliding a folder across his desk.

I pick it up glancing through the details of the mission.

Alejandro Rosario
Kairi Cosentino
Mattia Polibio

"Who are these people" I question him.

"These 3 are trouble and they work for the biggest drug lord in New Jersey, your job it to get information on them, get close to them and take their leader down." He explains.

"There are rules. Never share personal information with them. Don't forget who they really are. Under no circumstance are you allowed to be romantically involved with them unless necessary." He says sternly looking between Isa and I.

"Yes sir" the three of us say.

I make my way out of his study, isa is right behind me. I grab her, running upstairs into my room. I close the door making sure to lock it, I begin to pace back and fourth.

"You didn't know about alejandro did you?" I ask.

"No I didn't know I promise, I can't belie-" she says her voice cracking.

I hold her as she lets out little cries, I didn't realize how serious they were.

"Isa I went to mattia's today and, his father knows about us. He considers us a threat, they knew who we were." I say trying to piece everything together.

"Alejandro is only with me so he can gain information" she whispers as tears fall from her eyes.

I can under no circumstances fall for mattia.
I cannot let my guard down.

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Speaking of the devil.

Okay but how did I even get 8k! I really appreciate every one of y'all ❤️❤️❤️
Here is a little update enjoy.
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