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When I wake up I see we finally made it to Jersey, I grab my things and make my way out of the plane. I get into the car and, my father  instantly begins to speak.

"You two need to hear me loud and clear when I say this, even though we aren't in California anymore doesn't mean we don't have enemies here. Always watch your back, watch each other's backs!" he says sternly.

I nod looking over at mar, who was already starting at me. We finally make it to the house, which was huge as always. I hop out of the car and make my way into the already furnished house, it was beautiful but nothing compared to the one my mother designed.

I walk into my new room seeing all the same decorations as the last house, I throw myself onto the bed.

"Wanna go walk around with me" Mar says.

I turn and see him standing in my doorway giving me puppy eyes, I roll my eyes and give in. I grab my purse and, drag Mar out of the house. Mar and I laugh, and talk all the way to some park near the house. As we were walking I feel something hit my back really hard, it catches me off guard and I fall.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry are you okay" I hear a voice that's not Mar's say.

Annoyed I stand up and, turn around ready to punch whoever it was. My eyes meet with a tall, tanned skin boy. Wow he was just stunning, I didn't realize how long I was starting at him till his smile turned into a smirk.

"If you are done checking me out I wanted to make sure you were okay, I'm Mattia" he said.

"She's fine just watch it next time" Mar says shoving Mattia and pulling me away.

I look back one more time at Mattia he catches me staring and, sends me a wink. You are gonna ruin my life.

they finally meet!!
I'm gonna update again tonight. Love y'all 🥰

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