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"Rose you gotta help him please" she cries.

"Okay okay keep putting pressure on it isa, Mattia I need tweezers, rubbing alcohol, needle and thread now!" I say to him.

I go into the bathroom and tie up my hair, I splash water on my face and then wash my hands. I go back into the room, Isa helps me take Alejandro's shirt off.

"This is gonna hurt like a bitch but I need to clean it up a little" I say looking at Alejandro.

He nods his head grasping Isa's hand tighter, I pour some of the rubbing alcohol on his wound. Ale shouts in pain, I wipe some of the blood off.

"Fuck fuck" I groan in frustration at what I saw.

"What happen" Mattia asks coming behind me.

"The bullet didn't go through I'm gonna have to pull it out" I say.

"No no way it's gonna hurt him Rose" Isa says.

"Isa if it stays inside of him he's gonna die" I say to her.

"Do it just do it quick" Ale sighs.

"Mattia hold him down and give him something to bite on" he nods sitting by Ale grabbing his shoulders.

I grab the tweezers cleaning then with rubbing alcohol, I breath trying to get my hands to stop shaking.

"You can do it Rose I believe in you" Mattia says looking into my eyes.

I put the tweezers into the bullet hole and, instantly Ale begins scream and move in pain. I go deeper trying to find the bullet, I finally feel it and grab it with the tweezers. I pull the bullet out and, then clean his wound one more time before I wrap him up.

Once I finished wrapping Ale up, I felt the room start spinning, my head started pounding.

"Rose are you okay?" Mattia asks me.

He's the last thing I see before I feel my body slam against the ground.


I feel the warmth of the sun on my face, I open my eyes. I look around noticing that this isn't my room, when I turn to the side I see a shirtless Mattia. I also realize that I'm wearing a big t shirt, I mean shit I don't mind any of this but my father is gonna kill me.

I slowly try to slip out of the bed, till I feel Mattia grab my body and pull it towards him.

"Where are you going" he asks not releasing his grip from my waist.

"Isa and I need to go home like now, my dads gonna be so pissed" I say getting up trying to gather all my things.

I burst into the room Isa and Alejandro were in.

"Get the fuck up Isa" I shout.

"Ugh what tine is it" she groans sitting up.

"It's already 11" I say panicking.

"Fuck I have to go I'll text you later" Isa says giving Alejandro a kiss, and running out of the room.

We hop into my car and, I drive as fast as I possibly could to my house. Once we got home, isa and I try to quietly sneak into my house. As I close the door, I come face to face with my father who wasn't very amused.

"Y adónde estabas/ and where were you" he asked me.

"We stayed at a friends house last night" I say looking down.

He begins to walk towards me, grabbing my chin firmly. Raising his hand up and slapping me across my face, Isa gasps. I try so hard to keep myself from crying, he lets go of my face.

"If you miss training again both of you will be punished" he says sternly.

Isa and I quickly run up the stairs, she heads to her room. I see Mar at the entrance of his room, I continue to walk into my room knowing that I was going to bust out in tears. Mar follows behind me shutting the door and, locking it.

I sit on my bed, pulling my legs into my chest beginning to sob. Mar sits down next to me pulling my body into his arms.

"I fucking hate him Mar" I say in between breaths.

"I know ma I know" he says holding me tighter.

It's gonna start getting really crazy soon just wait!
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