B Side- Merry Christmas

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I ran downstairs from my room, my lips curled up into the world's biggest smile.

"It's Christmas!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "Wake up! Wake up!"

I ran into the main room and stood in front of the tree. I looked at its wonderful green features, and how it lit up the room with its gorgeous lights.

"My, my. Isn't someone excited this morning?" My favorite voice came from behind me.

"Sebastian!" I cheered and turned around, burying my face into his broad chest. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas to you too, dear." He spoke smoothly and happily.

I grabbed my present for him out from under the tree, which was wrapped to perfection in my most favorite wrapping paper. It was a cheesy print, but I thought it was simply adorable.

The man took the gift with a smile on his face. He carefully opened it, then beamed even wider at what was inside.

"Y/n, I love it! Thank you!" He said, hugging me tightly. I knew he would love this. I put a lot of thought into his gift.

"Now it's my turn~." He smirked pulling something out as well.

As to be expected, the wrapping was neat and tidy, perfect actually. But then again, Sebastian is "one hell of a butler."

I opened it restlessly and somewhat carelessly. My eyes sparkled. What was there? A box. A small, blue velvet box. I opened the lid. What was in there? A diamond ring. But... There was something attached to it. A slip of paper. I picked it up after placing the box on a nearby counter.

I read aloud. "Y/n, we have together for quite some time now. I can't hold my feelings back anymore. Will you marry me?"

My eyes brimmed with tears that soon fled down my cheeks. I cried happily as the butler got down on one knee with the box in his hand.

"Will you marry me?" He spoke smiling.

I threw myself onto him, crying hard now. I nodded. "Yes! Of course!" I half-shouted.

To say the least, this was the best Christmas I could have ever asked for.

A/n: So, Merry Christmas! I found the will to write this. Yahoo! My Christmas was filled with nothing but Black Butler stuff. How about you guys? owo Have a good day!

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