Chapter 7

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"Sebastian?!" I cried.

"Sh, Trancy might hear you. Hurry, let's get out of here." He whispered.

I nodded and went towards Sebastian. It seems like he knocked Claude out. I hope he did.

The butler picked me up bridal style, and we rushed out. I blushed. Darkly. And it was noticeable.

"Hm? Are you sick? Your cheeks are pink." Sebastian said, worry audible in that sexy, amazing voice. Wait-- What?!

Nonononononononononononono. Why. Why am I thinking this now?! This is horrible. If I start having these thoughts-- oh, bloody Satan so help me.

"Miss Y/n?" He frowned.

"Ah! Sorry! No, I'm fine." I smiled up at from in his arms.

"Well, alright." His lips curled up into a half smile. God, was he good looking.

"Sebastian, you're sexy." I blurted out. Shit!

"Oh? Is that so?" He smirked. And it made things hella worse.

"Y-Yeah." I mumbled.

"Well, thank you." He responded. "I'll treat you to something special tonight.." He looked like he no intentions of just a simple treat. What did I get myself into--?!

To be continued! (Again. :D)

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