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Black feathers lightly fluttered down, each one brushing up against me. I felt a strange, yet comforting warmth around me as someone- or something- wrapped their arms around me and pulled me close to them. I heard a low voice say something, however, it was not clear to me.

Suddenly white feathers drifted around me in a strangely rhythmic pattern. It was as if the black ones were... Cleansed, I suppose you would say...


I woke up in the morning at my usual time and prepared for the day. I started by making my master's meal. Eggs, bacon, and hash-browns. They were cooked just the way he liked it.

Finishing up his breakfast, I made him his morning tea. A nice minty one would be great for today. He was sick in bed, so I had to find ways to make him feel better, if only just slightly.

Pushing the food cart into his room, i walked and opened the curtains. Light shone in.

"Your Highness, it's time to wake up." I spoke softly with a smile plastered onto my face.

"Nn... Just five more minutes!" The master's voice was sleepy.

"That won't do! You absolutely must wake up now. I've prepared you your favorite breakfast." I used his meal to bribe him to wake up.

"Y/n, you're such a good maid! Better than Claude or Hannah will ever be!" He sat up and snuggled his face into my chest.

Yes, my master was Alois Trancy. Despite his normal, cruel, wicked ways, he was kind to me. There was something about me he liked I guess. I just don't see it. I'm a normal human being, aren't I? Well, whatever.

As Alois dug in, he was very happy. It was a sign that I did good today, too.

"Y/n! It's perfect!" He cheered smiling.

I smiled in return as I left him to eat. I began cleaning the manor alongside Claude, Hannah, Thompson, Timber, and Canteburry. It was done in a cinch.


"Do not fall for this foul demon's tricks!" A male's voice shouted at me, "Choose the angel!"

"Why not dance with the devil and choose me?" Another male's voice spoke calmly. Cool and collected.

At that moment, two figures appeared before me. One was a man with pure white hair and glistening amethyst eyes. The other was a tall slender man with silky looking raven black hair and the most beautiful shade of crimson for eyes.

They stretched their hands out and spoke in unison, "Now, come and join me."

I got up and walked towards them. I stretched my hand out as well. The hand I took was gloved. It belonged to the raven haired man. Suddenly, everything went black and I woke up in a foreign manor....


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